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February - 2014 - issue > 10 Most Promising IT Services Companies from India
CtrlS Securing Critical Business Data
SI Team
Monday, February 10, 2014
India, better known for its expertise in IT services has been lagging behind in the race to develop world class IT infrastructure, the need for which was rising at an alarming rate. Devastating events in the economic landscape have put CIOs and Integrated Taxpayer Data Management System (ITDMs) under immense pressure to look for suitable datacenter providers, who can guarantee data security, efficiency, cloud advantage and faultless connectivity. Answering these concerns of CIOs is CtrlS, the provider of the best Tier-4 datacenter in Asia. The company headed by Sridhar Pinnapureddy, Founder and CEO, overcame grave challenges such as the lack of any ready reference or framework. "The next big challenge was to convince customers, both Indian and MNCs that India was capable of creating and maintaining world-class IT infrastructure," says Pinnapureddy. Emerging victorious, CtrlS has entirely transformed the way Indian IT infrastructure providers were looked at. With their datacenters in Hyderabad (the largest Tier-4 datacenter in Asia) and Mumbai the company is on an endeavor to help India companies gain the advantages of the best in breed IT Infrastructure Solutions at a cost effective and cost efficient manner.

Founded in 2007, the company's claim to fame is their well thought out and well built Tier 4 datacenters. One of the most secure datacenters in the country, they offer SLAs that guarantee 99.995 percent uptime with facilities that are carrier-neutral and can be accessed through all major TELCOs in the country.

Strategy for Success: Total Ownership

The CtrlS team lives and breathes the "Total Ownership" philosophy. It motivates employees to think and create solutions they think will help their clients the most, rather than affect the topline. The strategy harbors innovation at every possible opportunity, and also provides high levels of motivation when they see their solutions creating true business impact. “Take the DR on demand solution, as an example. Today, it is an industry standard but it was first developed and executed by us in response to the challenge of creating cost effective and cost efficient DR solutions,” says a proud Pinnapureddy.

One Size Does Not Fit All

Apart from the USPs, the company's success can be attributed to the fact that it understands that one-size does not fit all customers. "Specific solutions are built for specific situations. When one of our clients talked about virtualization, we understood that they did not want to deal with technology obsolescence besides the management of their IT assets and IT security," explains Pinnapureddy. The company came up with a highly customized Desktop as a Service solution for them, which besides meeting their needs, saved them about 34 crores annually.

Given the company’s unique and effective strategies they have already reached financial success. "Over the next 1 year, all our physical infrastructure will be ready on the ground, leaving us to focus on consolidation thereafter," says Pinnapureddy.

The company has also charted a path for its future. "Our innovation bench and product roadmap has over 25 + interesting and path breaking ideas in areas like BYOD, Collaboration, Workforce productivity, Archiving, IT security and Automation," he adds. The company is focused on being recognized as the most dependable and reliable partner to its clients, however its greatest vision is to create significant impact for the clients' business.
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