December-2016 issue
Cover Story
Author: Anamika Sahu
In today's global economy, customer expectations are rising in every industry. For consumers the quality of customer service determines their decision to buy and in particular whether to remain a customer. more>>

In My Opinion

Sirish Kumar, Co-Founder & CEO, Telr
The ripples of the growth can now be witnessed across a wide gamut of industry verticals, including telecom, retail, ecommerce,... more>>

Product of the Month

Sujith Vasudevan
Hit by demonetization, even the small grocery shops are moving towards digital payment. more>>

Company of the Month

Anamika Sahu
Today when long queues outside banks and ATMs are a common site almost everywhere across the country following demonetization,... more>>

Company Spotlight

Anamika Sahu
It is rightly said that necessity is the mother of all invention. What better to prove than Anand Asaithambi who along with his... more>>

CXO Insights

GM Krishna, Associate Director - Marketing, Avnet
Among various competitive wireless interconnection technologies in the Internet of Things (IoT) era, ZigBee has many advantages more>>
Manoj Kalyan, Associate VP, Brillio
Gartner predicts that by 2020, there will be over 26 billion units of machinery installed worldwide, which will form the IoT... more>>
Anand Jain, Co-Founder, Clevertap
The year 2016 has witnessed the power of m-Commerce like never before, and it is only getting bigger and better. more>>
Manish Chitkara, VP & Founding Member, Momagic Technologies
Startups continue to grow on a worldwide scale; however, with a more cautious approach in funding and investor outlook, and a... more>>
Arush Sogani, Founder, MyITY
Business in the past few years has undergone a radical shift. Traditional methods of conducting business have seen a paradigm... more>>

CEO Insights

Sidharth Menda, CEO, CoWrks
Chances are that, if you're an independent entrepreneur or are a startup founder with a small team, you don't have a lot of... more>>
Alberto Cenalmor, CEO, Mobusi
Everything is related to client transparency and creating a clearer picture for all. There are many words we see popping up... more>>
Amit Rathore, Founder & CEO, Quintype
Digital revolution has taken the business world by storm. It has made its presence felt across sections. Digitization of... more>>

VC Talk

Anup Vishwanathan, Partner, Venture Factory
So you have started up? That's great! You probably know that about 90 percent of startups will not make it. more>>

20 Most Promising POS Solution Providers - 2016

si Team
One cannot fathom running a huge enterprise solely on manual processing and not expect any errors on the way. more>>
si Team
With the recent announcement by the government to demonetize old currencies of Rs.500 and Rs.1000 denominations, it is clear... more>>
si Team
The recent surge in customer demands and growth of the retail industry has led retailers invest in the best retail Point of... more>>
si Team
In 2008, when the internet was not as it is now and POS systems were relatively new in India with selected big businesses using... more>>
si Team
The Point of Sale industry is an indispensable part of the retail culture and if one does not adopt it, they will be left... more>>
si Team
Six years ago, the dry cleaning industry was quite dry when it came to technology solutions. more>>
si Team
The organizing team of Festember, a National level inter-college cultural, literary and arts extravaganza organized by the... more>>
si Team
Right from the unpretentious launch of POS Solutions, it has traveled a long way. Clunky records and bulky computers have been... more>>


Anamika Sahu
The world is moving towards technology at a rate faster than ever. To catch up with the pace, businesses need to adopt... more>>
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