Developing Solutions Balancing Technology & Customer Knowhow is the Key

Anamika Sahu
Wednesday, December 14, 2016
Anamika Sahu
The world is moving towards technology at a rate faster than ever. To catch up with the pace, businesses need to adopt technology and make it their centre of functioning. However one does not need to side line his business functions to setup and learn technology, but technology providers should make products/solutions measuring the level of technology depth that will be an ease for such business users. Take the case of POS systems, which are either bulky, archaic, expensive or costly dumb calculator machines, not to mention their back support and very hard to use by employees. Being mostly window based, these are difficult to be integrated with other operating systems like Android and iOS. Adding to the predicament, most of these systems have not been updated since years while the servers on the backend eat a considerable amount of money as maintenance.

Demonetization has opened the digital payment door further wider, making it crucial for retailers to go cashless and provide digital payment provision to customers. While Indian metro cities and towns failed to go cashless, villages like Akodavra in Gujarat and Dhasai in Maharashtra has put a strong example by going digital (cashless), and showed the world that determined people can learn and use technology for their benefit. But we surely need to thank the POS providers who developed solutions based on the level of technical expertise of such villagers.

Hence, in this issue of siliconindia, we bring to you ‘20 Most Promising POS Solution Provider - 2016’ who have revolutionized the digital payment industry through their unique POS solutions that fits best as per customers’ requirement.

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