TVS Electronics: The Most Trusted & Affordable Leading Third Party Service Provider in ICT Realm

Anamika Sahu
Tuesday, December 20, 2016
Anamika Sahu
In today's global economy, customer expectations are rising in every industry. For consumers the quality of customer service determines their decision to buy and in particular whether to remain a customer. Providing good after-sales service shows customers that you want to build a long-term relationship, earn their loyalty and keep their business. From smartphones to ATM manufacturers, everyone is looking for efficient methods to provide excellent customer experiences. For enterprises, shifting their focus to their after-sales service often lead to complications and tend to affect their main operations. Hence, most prefer outsourcing this part of the business to third party service and solution providers. Today, third party service providers are not just an extended arm of their clients but also play an eminent role in establishing them as a front runner in their field of any geography.

TVS Electronics (TVS-E), headquartered in Chennai was founded as an IT Peripherals manufacturer and has today transformed into a leading transaction automation product manufacturer & service provider. Progressing over the years, they have understood the need and the pulse of the market for widely-reputed and accessible service that is top-notch. Keeping this in mind, they sought to revolutionise the service industry and make it more customer-friendly.

"For a product company, the cost can escalate if it has to set up a service centre. This is where we step in. We leverage our well-established dealer & service network to help such companies manage their operations within budget and let them focus on their core business purpose while leaving the after-sales services part to us," explains Prakash Katama, CEO, TVS Electronics.

Two years ago, a private owned Chinese electronics company entered India, who were working hard to find a solid ground. To further reduce overhead costs, this company did not own any physical stores and sold exclusively from its online store. It also did away with traditional advertising and relied on social networking services and word-of-mouth to publicise its products. Over the time, the company emerged as the third largest smartphone seller in India's top 30 cities with TVS-E playing a major part in their success story. The after-sales service centres established by TVS-E, positioned the brand's connect with its customers. Business needs of the company was comprehended by TVS-E's custom design for their centres and dedicated service to their customers which became the very purpose of the brand. "We have witnessed the company grow immensely with 20+ service stores, which is an integral part of our partnership now," says Prakash.

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