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Ginesys: Providing Efficient ERP & POS Software to Retails for More Than 15 Years

si Team
Sunday, December 11, 2016
si Team
The recent surge in customer demands and growth of the retail industry has led retailers invest in the best retail Point of Sales (POS) software to keep a complete track of their businesses. POS software has now become pivotal to retail and businesses where it requires to work seamlessly with a set of networks and hardware, capturing the entire business relevant data. But generally retail software are not a typical part of large ERPs, and a simple POS software are not capable of exercising maximum control over the point of sales transactions happening in the retail stores, which is why most of the POS systems fail. This is where Ginesys stands out with its cutting edge retail ERP system which instead of having different ERP modules has a single software that carries out both ERP and POS functions seamlessly without disruptions and complexities. Ginesys is a leading solution provider for retail ERP software having only one product named Ginesys that is specifically designed and developed for the Indian retail industry.

Services Offered & Efficiency

Incorporated in 1999 in Kolkata with a vision to provide the retail industry with domain-specific end-to-end integrated business application solutions that could address all the challenges a retailer faces.

Ginesys has grown considerably by offering complete range of solutions and services to retailers ranging from Procurement, to Production, Inventory, Sales & Distribution, Retail Management, Point of Sale, Data Analytics, SMS/Email Notification, Finance & Accounts, and e-Commerce integration. Providing solutions mostly to the retail market, the Ginesys ERP system has an integrated POS system which is a complete solution for all the retail POS requirements. The Ginesys POS system is fully capable of running multi-promotion scenarios backed by solid implementation, account management and support team which ensures that the software is actually efficiently used. The efficiency of the systems provided by Ginesys can be known through a case study when it helped Mufti, one of the famous retailers in India in getting over the problems it had faced with its POS systems, which are not properly syncing with the head office through its ERP and POS services.

Standing Out Among Competition

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