About the CompanyPay1 was founded in 2010 with four founders. The vision of the company is selling digital goods & services to Indian consumers through cash. Pay1 realized that the payment is being... more>>
Compassites Software
Compassites Software Solutions is a technology services firm that works in the space of big data, cloud computing and consumerization of IT. Compassites was founded in the year 2005 by a bunch of... more>>
Thinking Hut
Brief introduction of the companyThinking Hut is a software start-up that believes in changing the world leveraging technology. The company was started by a bunch of experienced leaders from a Tier... more>>
Founder : Uday Bhaskarwar
Ojas Testing Solutions
Ojas Testing Solutions was started in 2011 to help IT and ITES companies implement and establish robust testing processes that were customized to suit their needs. We are a team of dedicated... more>>
Sollet Soft Solutions
Sollet Soft Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (called as Sollet) was founded in September 2012.  Sollet means Solutions Wallet or Solutions Outlet • Wallet containing solutions: Sollet... more>>
Founder : Ramesh Baswa
Deluxe Elite Info Solutions Pvt Ltd is a multi-venture company with current interest in the Travel and IT sector. It was provided invaluable services and solutions to a large clientele to provide... more>>
STAG Software
Although software testing has undergone significant progress in recent years, organizations have been demanding something new. Global market pressures are pushing organizations to get more for... more>>
Founder : T. Ashok
GLOPORE IMS is a pure-play IT infrastructure and Service Management (IMS/ITSM) company. It has constantly helped businesses to integrate their business and IT strategy, which in turn, improves... more>>
Founder : Satish Kumar