Ojas Testing Solutions

Ojas Testing Solutions

Ojas Testing Solutions was started in 2011 to help IT and ITES companies implement and establish robust testing processes that were customized to suit their needs. We are a team of dedicated individuals committed to providing our clients with long-term productivity solutions that is of real value. Our services can be broadly classified under 5 verticals namely, Managed Services, Automation, Functional Testing, Non Functional, and Consultancy.
We are also the winner of the NASSCOM Emerge 50 Awards, 2012 for Innovation.

Market landscape that it caters to

Our product is designed to largely cater to web-based technology implementations, but this does not restrict us from providing testing solutions to other areas.

Product/ Solution offerings & Value Proposition to clients

As mentioned earlier, we provide professional services that can be classified under Managed Services, Automation, Functional Testing, Non Functional, and Consultancy.
Our latest offering is called Test Buddy. To put it simply, Test Buddy aids non-technical users to generate automated test cases. This translates to lower expenditure on professional testers and/ or training current employees on complex testing software for companies, enabling them to use and allocate current resources for various testing implementations.

Differentiating points against that of the competition

Test Buddy is a one of a kind solution that simplifies the testing process by creating a framework that can be easily used by non-technical users.
Poor testing is one of the leading causes of schedule and budget overruns and outright cancellation of projects. The major factors that result in poor testing are time taken to build automation scripts, cost for building and maintenance, technical resource, and lack of domain experts who can test and automate the application.
Test Buddy efficiently addresses all these by facilitating a comprehensive, reusable and programmable automation framework geared towards quick ROI. It is also Cloud compliant allowing easy implementation for Cloud based services.

How intense is the Competition and how uniquely it is positioned

As with any industry, competitors arise from time to time offering better functionalities and products. This should challenge us to review and improve our own products and innovate constantly to give rise to products that are of true value to the clients. That is the essence of our product and the reason behind its gaining popularity in the market – Innovation and value.

Organizational Culture, Employee programs, Innovations

Being a relatively small organization, each and every employee counts in making a difference. Traits such as taking initiative, responsibility, and being passionate about the work and enjoying it are recognized and valued most. Ours is an open culture and the work environment is quite relaxed.

Growth Plans

2013 is an important year for us as we plan to expand our business and organization. Hopefully, we will have more than 100 employees by the end of year, which also means growth in our business, and we are very excited about that. 

Go-to-market Plans/ Global Strategy

Now that our product is ready, we will start launch at Bangalore, then proceed to the U.S. and the European markets.

Current Status: No. of Employees, Revenue, Investors, Investment opportunity

We are now just 7 people, but once our product launches, we will be aggressively expanding our work force.
We are open for investments.

Road Ahead: Challenges foreseen and how the company is geared to address them

Being IT professionals, technical skills are our forte. Marketing, however, is a completely new ball game for us altogether and is one of our primary challenges for this year. We are in talks with some of the best marketing guys out there and hopefully we will have a room that reads ‘Marketing Department’ on the door, real soon in our office.