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10 Most Promising Ethnic Designers & Sellers - 2019

The Indian ethnic wear market has witnessed sub­tle, yet steady growth. Changing lifestyles, rapid ur­banization and increasing fashion awareness have been the key elements to stir an incremental growth of the ethnic wear segment over the past few years. This comes after apparel industry firms report a significant rise in demand for ethnic clothing for both men and women. According to a study by Technopak, India’s ethnic wear industry is expected to grow to INR 1,26,210 Crore by 2019, according to a consultancy firm Technopak. This market is dominated by the...Read More

10 Most Promising Pet Care Companies - 2019

Gone are those days where pets were a mere family extension; as of today pets have grown to become family members and more so a life companion for many. Urbanization moreover acts as a propeller where smaller families and changing mind-sets are fuelling trends towards pet ownership. As even research reveals that India is the fastest growing pet care market in the world, the numbers of pet parents in the country are only growing day by day. In light of this surge, several pet care specialists are banking on the opportunity by introducing various segments for treating pet’s...Read More

10 Most Promising Cosmetic Brands – 2019

From just an accessory, the cosmetic products have emerged as an integral part of fashion for majority of people today. These products are capable of not just camouflaging one’s flaws but also enhancing their appearance with respect to a range of features. Today, people are bestowed with an overwhelming variety of choices from the world of cosmetics ranging from face cream, moisturizer, concealer, blush, mascara, eyeshadow, eyeliner, lip gloss to lip liner, and a lot more. In fact, there is always a cosmetic product for every problem and need of the consumers today. Thanks...Read More

10 Most Promising Online Art Companies - 2019

The History of Indian Art is as old as the Indian civilization and no wonder the strides made by Indian art is making every Indian proud. Over the years, Indian art and the entertainment & leisure industry has seen various changeovers - the ancient art of temple & sculptures, art by darbar artists in courts of kings, Mughal & British periods and post-independence period. The entertainment and leisure group has grown without giving up its own uniqueness and at the same time striking a cord at the international level.

During the last...Read More

10 Most Promising Entertainment & Leisure Companies -  2019

The Indian entertainment and leisure industry is the country’s next big economic booster, witnessing tremendous expansion that is likely to exceed $32.7 billion by 2019. Moreover, as the majority of the country’s population hovers around the age of 35 and below with an increasing disposable income within households, a large percentage is spent on entertainment and leisure activities that is predicted to grow further substantially. The effervescent attitude among the India’s youth only attracts global & native players to pitch interest in this lucrative...Read More

10 Most Promising Modular Kitchen Service Providers - 2019

A place in the household that binds families and ignites togetherness - Kitchens have always lit-up a warm feeling when spoken of. However, over the years kitchen habits have evolved due to globalized lifestyle changes and the need for convenience and more modern outlooks gained spotlight. Although sentiments still held a major part of the concern, the structure of Indian kitchens witnessed revolutionary changes that gave rise to one of the most booming sectors in the country - the Modular Kitchen Industry. Anticipating a 51.87 CAGR by 2019, this segment holds immense business...Read More

10 Most Promising Life Coaching Companies - 2019

Life and Business coaching as a well established industry is coming into light increasingly with every passing day. People belonging to the business ecosystem as well as people from the common population have realised the need to be directed by a life coach for maintaining the needed work-life balance. Proper life and business coaching have also proved to be instrumental in realising the correct measures to go about in life. In simple words, life and business coaches are those people who help individuals and businesses understand the pain points, face the challenges in life,...Read More