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20 Most Promising Interior Design Service Providers - 2018

Indian interior designing has evidently prevailed since the times of royal rule via obvious manifestations in the detailing of magnificent monuments and historical structures. Nevertheless, the industry today has woken-up reaching its zenith, giving life to empty spaces, revamping patterns, hues and structures across all forums, be it corporate platforms, retail & commercial arenas, homes or health spaces. Standing in all her glory on the pedestal of becoming the world’s third largest construction market by 2030, India’s interior designing renaissance has resulted from cross-cultural and...Read More

10 Most Promising Fashion Designers in Mumbai – 2018

In the famous words of legendary Coco Chanel, ‘Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening’. Moulding fashion with the way we live is what truly defines a person and what truly justifies the existence of fashion statement. However, in the quest to ‘make heads turn’ fashion lost the concept of comfort and style with elegance. Turning the time around and bringing forth the concept of ‘comfortable in thy skin’ fashion designers are twisting the concept of...Read More

10 Most Promising Cosmetic Brands - 2018

Wherever it is, the way you present yourself is very crucial. The feel-good factor determines the confidence level within you and it helps you perform well. Cosmetics play a huge part especially in women to build their confidence. With an astonishing annual growth of over 25 percent estimated by 2025, Indian cosmetics market is now growing rapidly at a rate of 13-18 percent that is more than when compared to the U.S or European markets. The rise in awareness of beauty products, increasing premium on personal grooming, changes in consumption patterns and lifestyles have improved...Read More

10 Most Promising Beauty Clinics - 2018

Beauty has long been associated with the aesthetic appeal of a person. With the ushering of the contemporary standards of strength is beauty, the beauty industry has too undergone a paradigm shift. The industry always has this something extra in it in order to maintain the customers hooked. With the introduction of various products into the market, people often buy these products and end up damaging the skin they have with acnes, ageing issues, sensitive skin, pigmentation and more while ensuring a vitalizing process for every consumer. Skin care industry has witnessed a shift...Read More

20 Most Promising Ethnic Designers & Sellers - 2018

While ethnic clothing has been synonymous with simplistic and household fashion, the current fashion world is embracing this timeless textile marvel and bringing to the doors of customers, a unique blend of contemporary and traditional fashion that is changing the paradigm of how the general population perceives fashion. With the overall fashion e-retail market expected to border $35 billion by 2020, the ethnic fashion market has a valued follower in consumers who can now directly connect to the folk style of textile designing and get in touch with the real deal. The e-Commerce...Read More

20 Most Promising Organic Products - 2018

Nature has long been an intrinsic part of the daily lives. From what we ingest to what we leverage in our daily lives, nature has always found a way to cater to the need of all the stakeholders. India, being the standpoint of Ayurveda has been the hub of organic markets and produce that have been carried on for many millennia. The cosmetic, food and lifestyle industry is now delving into the ancient art of organic specialty to unearth the natural way of healing and healthy lifestyle. By blending the armour of science and the experience of tradition, the organic industry now...Read More

10 Most Promising Art & Photo Selling Companies -  2018

The Indian Art’s roots can be traced back to the pre-historic times of mural paintings, one of the most examples being the Bhimbhetka caves in Madhya Pradesh. Segregated into mural and madhubani painting, the traditional art has come a long way since then, with infusions of Mughal and the British style, giving rise to a unique edge, making it one of the most art form all over the world. Renowned artists like Amrita Shergill, M.F. Hussain, Raja Ravi Varma and many others, through their own unique styles have embellished social messages in their paintings, giving rise to...Read More

20 Most Promising Entertainment & Amusement Centers - 2018

Entertainment, since time immemorial, has been a part of gathering, large or small, where people come together to celebrate the good things that have been blessed upon them in life. Starting from simple music, dance and storytelling of a small gathering, entertainment industry now has scaled across a vast genre, creating a billion dollar industry worldwide. The Indian entertainment industry is now branched into film, media, music, dance, and animation, paving the way for an entertainment expertise that never existed before. From Pandit Ravi Shankar to Lata Mangeshkar to Shahrukh Khan, the Indian...Read More

10 Best Startups in Fashion - 2018

Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of the everyday life’ – Bill Cunningham. In today’s context, the word of fashion has evolved manifolds. The entry of international brands, changes in preferences from non-branded to branded, the fastest growing economy and the large chunk of youth population has transformed it to a lucrative market with making the Indian apparel industry the second largest contributor amending to some of the major changes. On the other hand, the millennial and the rest irrespective of age group have become more conscious with each passing day owing to mass media...Read More

10 Most Promising Modular Kitchen Service Providers - 2018

Walking down the memory lane, all can bring to mind the sweet and sour memories emotionally involved with kitchens, as a place where we spilled milk while helping our moms, a room where we tip-toed to steal butter, a danger zone where we got burned while our cooking debut, or simply as a haunt for family tête-à-tête. Today’s kitchens are much more than just a kitchen, it has metamorphosed to a family living place with designated cooking area efficiently and comfortably laid out marrying a dining area aesthetically nestled, as a whole flashing an...Read More

10 Most Promising Wedding Planners - 2018

For someone unaccustomed to the Indian culture, Indian weddings may seem to be a combination of colour, grandeur, large families and to some extent, a lot of noise. However, weddings in Indi a, surpasses the notion of being ‘just a function’ and go well beyond as a status symbol  and one of the most important event of a person and his/her family’s life that can be talk of the town for several days. The rich ethnicity and cultural diversity adds to the splendour of the Indian wedding that creates a deeper idea of how this important aspect that is not only...Read More