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Yakub Khan
Yakub Khan

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Difficulties in web development.
The communication gap between the projects, that gives so much touch times between the clients and the development team, i.e the technical writer plays very important role to build the gap between these bridges and also the project managers.
Describe your Web Application?
My team is currently working on the tools like PHP, DYNAMIC WEBPAGES etc.
Inspiration to Create
Generally the real estate building, interiors of the projects majorly into the good looking etc inspires me to make the great websites with good functionality.And at the same time the great competition too.
Significance of Web Development.
It is like a cheese on the bread, which gives more taste and more flavor, i.e in the same way it increases the organization marketing, advertisement, bring more into picture about the company to the society.
Important Career Decisions
Well no decision made by wanted, its all about the circumstances which gives us opportunity to make decisions, in the same way, the decision for me to have my own company and be an employer not as an employee makes me to take this decision, and so i am today.
Opportunity to start career from beginning
I would love to analyse first the beginners who were failed, and their reasons, then try to analyse my choices with probabilities which can give more chances in advancing my career in different ways.
What additional skills do you have?
My confidence level.
Admirable sites and books
Well i can say i admire from the movie instead of the books and sites, the movie is "THE PURSUIT TO HAPPINESS" and ABRAHAM LINCON as a person.
Career Growth
There were up and downs, where i have to repair my ladders and move on, ROME IS NOT BUILT IN A DAY. It was really hard to move ahead, but I had panned it some were successful and some are failures, but still moving on to make it a large.
Your Achievement
Successfully achieved in building the Sales partnership with the Chinese company (LOUIS VALENTINO).

Successfully accomplished some of the IT services delivered for the middle east regions.

Manpower supply in MIDDLE EAST by the cooperation of the local companies in ksa
Interview Tips
Be an expert in the subject, should know what they know, talk with care, choose the right words, talk in short point to point.
Educational background
Work Pressure and Deadlines
By keeping calm, drink more water, controlling the emotions by listening to music, deliver the deadlines according to the planned format which i follow in my excel sheet with priority basis.
Success according to me
In my view success is what you have achieved with the respect of the people around you, and down to earth with all people instead of up's and down in the matter of success
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