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Srinivas Kotturi
Srinivas Kotturi

Srinivas Kotturi

Senior Architect (Planning)

Larsen and Toubro (Constructions)


Srinivas Kotturi is a member of:

Degrees That Matter:
A Master's in Materials Management and a P.M.I certified Professional
The Decisions That Matter
My decision of doing a Post-Graduation from National Institute of Construction Management and Research.
My brief description
I am an Architect by profession and have done my Bachelor’s in Architecture from College of Engineering and Technology, Bhubaneswar. After graduating in 2009, I worked in a private architectural firm in Kerala as an Architect and then in 2010 I joined National Institute of Construction Management and Research, Pune, for a Post-Graduation in Real Estate and Urban Infrastructure Management. I am currently working with Larsen & Toubro (Constructions) as a Senior Architect in the Planning department, posted at Kolkata. As of now, I have a total experience of 14 Months.
Challenges in job
Since, I am in the construction industry, having sound knowledge in the activities involved in a construction process is highly essential and desirable. It is also not possible to know the entire thing in one day as it is a continuous and challenging process which requires a person to go on site and watch each activity happen in front of him/her. This in future would be of immense help because when you have sound knowledge of a work, you can easily explain it to your sub-ordinates and the people who are going to execute it.

Job made easy
I am into Design coordination and I am closely working with the onsite execution team with issue of drawings and coordinating with our in house design team in case if there is an error/modification/alteration in the drawing. In order to identify the mistake in a drawing, one has to be thorough with every aspect of a building. In order to enhance this, I interact with people from various departments on our site for e.g.: people from structural engineering dept help me with the structural drawings, people from deign/architectural background interact with me regarding aesthetical and planning aspects and finally people from M.E.P (Mechanical-Electrical-Plumbing) interact with me regarding the services part of a building. Though this interaction is informal, yet it is of utmost help as it indirectly gives me the entire picture of a building.
Upcoming Trends
Majority of the Construction Giants across the globe is now focusing on factors like cost optimization, maximum quality in deliverable, utmost safety and good human resource practices. However in the coming years, the change in the type of materials and use of sophisticated technology  for construction would be a game changing factor. Innovation and up gradation has always been welcomed by the people and this would definitely bring in more competition and high level research in the field of construction.
India strategy on technical development
I personally feel that engineering now has become a mode of getting a job. The respect it had in the past is slowly diminishing. Even though the current generation has high potential, it isn’t involved in innovating; rather it is more into finding a suitable job. We have immense talent, yet we aren’t able to make anything on our own. The education system needs a complete overhauling with emphasis being given to practical exposure of a theorem/law that is being taught in the class. Talented individuals should be encouraged and given incentives and monetary benefits if required, in order to retain his/her talent within the country.
My goal
In coming 5 yrs, I would want to learn as much as I can and share my knowledge with my juniors and colleagues, because your success is not only your share of work but includes hard work and contribution from others. I would also want to change my current location and will try moving to some other place in order to learn the working culture there. Given the opportunity and chance, I would like to working different organizations enhancing my level of knowledge and awareness.
family background
My Father is basically an Electrical Engineer, and he retired from Coal India Limited as D.G.M (Elect &Mech) in 2008. My mother has done her Bachelor’s in Economics and is a homemaker. I have two elder sisters, both married and well settled, with the eldest sister in California and elder sister in Bihar.
Advice to professinals
First 2-3 years is crucial for every individual who starts his/her job. Though you won’t have much of responsibilities, yet you would be under immense pressure for various reasons. Intelligence lies in keeping calm and just performing the assigned duties properly. As a matter of fact, even the company which has hired you won’t expect miracles from you, as it waits for the right time to extract the best out of you, hence, have that patience and keep going. Another important piece of advice is, unless until necessary try ignoring the monetary benefits in a job, try to learn and try getting the best from the company in terms of knowledge and experience, because once you have ample experience and sufficient knowledge, you would lead and everyone would want you to be a part of his/her team. Lastly, remember, no work is more important than your life, so keep calm, enjoy your work and enjoy life.
Advice to students
Students who are currently in college should enjoy their lives. I have enjoyed both my Graduation and Post-Graduation days so even though I am working hard now and my life has become monotonous, I don’t regret because I have had ample fun in the college. And my advice to all my juniors at college is that each and every one of you would get an opportunity sometime in your life to prove your mettle; Greatness lies in identifying the right time and performing. You would all get enough time to think about your future, right now, live your life to the fullest and make your present, fruitful, because your present actions would decide your future. 
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