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Sarat Singh
Sarat Singh

Sarat Singh

Tech Manager at Dell Gurgaon


Family background
I belong to a normal : Hum Do, Hamare Do - family consisting (now)my mother, sister and myself. My father left us long back. Though both my parents were not educated (as per today's standard) however, they made us understand our value system and how to be grounded at all times.
Important career decisions
This is not something which I understood when I was in school. Somehow was never too much interested in studies and thinking about career was never an option I gave to myself. And when I got the opportunity to not to study any further - I just took it with both the hands and just enjoyed life thereafter. Did some patty work and sometimes also did things which are not normally mentioned. However, during late 80's the most important decision I took was to start my studies again and slowly and steadily worked on that part. After that joining the IT sector after getting coaxed by my younger sister in early 90's, I slowly worked on my skills and reached somewhere today where I never imagined I would be one day.
Awards and Recognitions
During the course, I was recognised in various ways including getting Manager of Segment for 2 yrs, Manager of Quarter on Customer Experience, Manager of Quarter Revenue, Dell Silver Award - to name a few.
Excellence in Management
I've been part of the Core ISO Audit Team along with being active with People Engagement Team. Currently contributing thru being the Hiring Manager for the site for all the businesses.
Tech Management matters more on
To imbibe the ability to look towards the issue more from the logical perspective rather than pure tech angle. How to implement the tech skills logically and make things simpler for your Customers as well as yourself.
Leadership qualities
According to me there cannot be some fixed ways to lead your team. It depends on what kind of situation you are dealing with, what are the results expected, how much you know your teams individual skills, how well you are connected to your people on both professional and personal front. At times, you've to act as their mentor and at times as a guide.
My advice
Everyone works for results (numbers) however, it depends on how you get it. Don't thrust the numbers on them rather make them understand how they can do their work in better way which eventually gets you your numbers. Work on their skills and opportunity areas - rest follows...
Handling Grievances
By understanding the issue from their point of view (logically), show them the management view and expectations with regards to same and reach a conclusion. At times, we have to stand by our people for their reasons.
My views on India Technical development
Apart from few talent I've come accross, most of these lack skills pertaining to Vision and Thinking Ahead. Most of them have only acedemic skills period. They do not think beyond what they have in hand. In most of our institutions the emphasis on how to clear the exam and get the degree rather than bringing out the creativity.
Current Job description
At present performing duties as the Hiring Manager for all the business at Gurgaon Site. Apart from this contributing and helping in different projects undertaken at site level.
Influenced by
No one in particular - as I guess, we are influenced by different people during our phases of life. When I look around, there are so many th ings that influnces me, my mom, who is in her 90's now but she takes care of herself in almost every aspect, my seniors, the way they put forward things in different ways, the way they think and articulate, my office band members, the way they perceive music and it's complexity but when you listen to them - it's so smooth and peaceful.
Ensuring Growth
Still learning things, uderstanding my opportunity areas and not shying away to ask for help whenever required.
Team Management
Respect, Help and Share!
Managing personal and professional life
We are humans and we do make mistakes. Life is not always connecting your dots in the right way. Yes, ofcouse each o ne of us would like to do it that way - that's not life as it will be too mechanically planned. Life is spontanious and you have to keep it grounded.
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