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Jaswinder Matharu
Jaswinder Matharu

Jaswinder Matharu

Founder and CEO

Agilis International


Jaswinder Matharu is a member of:

About Jaswinder Matharu
As an enthusiastic 14 year old, Jaswinder (Manji) Matharu, once took apart a transistor radio in order to learn how to put it back together. “The amazement, curiosity and drive I experienced while putting back the individual components of the radio has been the key instinct which has guided me through my journey", comments Matharu, Founder and CEO, Agilis International. His quest for solving problems and bringing order has made him a serial entrepreneur with fourcompanies to his credit. His latest venture, Agilis International,is an analyticsfirm thatprovides business solutions to customers across six continents.

Agilis PropensitySCORING, a highly advanced form of predictive analytics, is gaining significant traction in the telecommunications vertical according toa recent report from Frost & Sullivan. Agilis monetizes their customer’s big data, providing arapid ROI on every project. Agilis's innovative analytics solutions deliver business results around customer lifetime value, margin management, and operational optimization. Their advanced technology, customer service excellence, accountability and results,has yieldedAgilis an annual customer satisfaction rating of over 96 percent.
Mastering the Trade
It is said that Rome was not built in a day. Similarly,Matharu’s success with Agilis did not happen in a day, but was the culmination of an illustrious career in the telecommunications industry whichbegan withhim working for TTC. TTC made test measurement equipment such as Firebird and T-BERD. His collaboration with TTC further enhanced his learning of protocols and his experience grew in dealing with the information coming out of the wire.

Matharu then realized that he was not really cut out for life in the standard corporate world and started working independently with a company called ECTel, which focused on network management. Still unsatisfied, he wanted to utilize his creativity to the fullest extent and thus he founded S3Net in 1997, his first entrepreneurial venture. The company was acquired five years later by Safeguard Scientifics, Inc (NYSE:SFE), a venture capital firm.

Matharu then created Fiducainet, a company that did lawful interceptions in communication networks. Lawful intercept is theprocess by which law enforcement agencies conduct electronic surveillance of circuit and packet-mode communications as authorized by judicial or administrative order. Fudicianet was later acquired by Neustar(NYSE:NSR).
Following that, he founded Omniglobe International, which isa global provider of outsourced professional services for telecommunications, contact center, finance and legal functions. Omniglobe was very instrumental in the initial launch of the iPhone through backend provisioning. At the same time Matharu along with another team built the key technology to address the area of data and analytics. This venture would turn into his current company Agilis International.

For a few years Matharu was running both of the organizations simultaneously. He then put all his focus towards Agilis and brought in a separate business team to run Omniglobe. Currently, Matharu’s major focus isdirecting Agilis to createunique business solutions utilizingbig data analytics.
“Agilis was born out of the need to address the exploding demand in the telecommunications industry, particularly in handlingcomplex customer generated transactions, processing them and deriving value,” he explains. At that time the fixed lines were moving on to the mobile networks,Matharu anticipated the exploding volume and the need forpredictive analytics to derive business intelligence from utilizing the new data sources derived from the new mobile devices.
Highlighting Value Points
Matharu’s company is seeing new realms of success and he attributes this achievement to ‘Focus’, which according to him is one of the most important aspects for any venture’s success.“One must solely focus on finding the solution to the problem at hand. The solution should also be clearly articulated and must produce a simpler way of solving the issue,” he explains. His other motivating factor for success is his commitment to be responsible for thepeople within the organization, their families, andtheir customers. In Matharu's mind the tenants of happiness are derived through the balance of personal, financial, and professional satisfaction.

Matharu attributes due credit for his success to a perfect work-life balance. “Striking the right balance between work and personal life is important since it helps you stay positive. To be satisfied with your work, it should be interesting, exciting and it should continue to challenge you intellectually,” saidMatharu. His passion for bringing his family happiness helps him to practice what he preaches, a true work-life balance.

It has been Matharu’s zest to find solutions that have led him to where he stands today. He envisions expanding his company into new verticals and solutions utilizing Agilis’s successful predictive analytics platform which provides customer and operational business solutions.
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