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Rajesh Tandon
Rajesh Tandon

Rajesh Tandon

Marketing professional

Head-Sales & Marketing at an Export House.


Rajesh Tandon is a member of:

Branding is a very important aspect for any organisation.
Branding helps you create the image and it builds the demand for the product. Branding also carries consumer to buy the product again and again, as he is proud to see the product in market, with which he is a satisfied customer.
Every product manufactured has to be sold. To sell we have to create the demand, to motivate customer to ask for the product in market. Correct marketing makes the consumer to buy your product on top of other available products in market.
Today is a world of all round knowledge. Hence i would recommend to read all books, newspaper and on internet to get to knowledge of consumer behavior and market behavior also.
Importance of Marketing
Marketing is a backbone of any organisation.
I strongly believe, that having a strong marketing team is the 1st step to success for any organisation.After marketing comes quality and production in time.
If a organisation has a strong product, but cannot catch the market, then the purpose of product produced is reduces to ashes.
In my organisation, in marketing we are there to interact with new, present and lost customers and bring them to match their requirement with products of our organisation.
Then follows the order and so the production is requires in time keeping the quality as per expectancy.
Marketing also, plays a very vital role to maintain the customer in the world of hing competition in all products.
Being a marketing person, the growth of an organisation is -- 1. The viable turnover for a beak-even point is must. 2. The organisation must grow at least to a level of average growth of the industry every year.
As marketing head, motivating team a most important ingredient of success. Motivation is more with confidence in your team and helping them to perform and understand the market and secondly the incentives or promotion or a salary raise should be logically raised in time to retain the right talent.
Growth Prospect in marketing
A marketing person can climb the ladder of success by 4 times as the speed of streams like accounts or HR. But this happens only if the results are more that the average growth of competitors or industry.
Marketing is placing your product at the right place and at right price & availability with expected quality tom sell for any organisation.
Importance of 4ps
4 ps are important for any organisation. Product pricing as per consumer's expectation, place of availability of product to reach the consumer,product production in time and product quality plays an important role to successfully market the product .
What can be achieved
Limit of marketing in corporate world is that he should be involved in all aspects of company including costing and production. This will make him understand the product for right pricing and right place in market to sell.
Brief yourself
~ 25+ years of rich experience in~

• New Set ups/New Launch
• Forecasting • Sales & Marketing Management • Business Development
• Relationship Management • Revenue Expansion • Product Management
• Administration • Value-Addition to Services • Strategic Planning
• Product Promotion / Launch • Team Building • Client Servicing
• Planning & Forecasting • Financial Control • Inventory Management

 A keen strategist & performer with expertise in managing entire sales & marketing operations by ensuring optimal utilization of resources in Delhi, Rajasthan, UP & 15 countries across Europe in the FMCG/service/export /leisure industry ; distinction of accomplishing multifold revenue increase.
 Skills in developing relationships with key decision-makers in target organizations for revenue.
 Proficient in business planning, market plan execution, account management, product promote
Positioning the product
The first step for positioning your product in market is to to know your product thoroughly. We must know our capacity and capability to produce the product with right quality to catch the market.
We have to analyze the product we have in which level it has to be place. The 3 levels are-- Premium, Normal and Economy range.
After analyzing the quality and keeping the right price we can successfully launch the product in market.
Future prospect
At CEO level.
Marketing is understanding the market and our product and then placing it in the correct market at right expected price, so that it sells. Where as selling is matching features of product with customer's expectation, so that he buys the product.
Suggestions to aspirants
Aspirants who want to make career in marketing have to be challenging at all times. They should have the ability to understand market and demands for the product to launch the right quality product in right market and at right price, so that it sells.
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