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Ravi Ganesan
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About Ravi Ganesan
Ravi Ganesan, CEO of 3pTALK, is an information technology entrepreneur and business executive with over 20 years of progressive experience. This experience allowed him to put his knowledge to good use and start three very successful companies.

Ravi Ganesan has not given up and today he has risen again with a new company to grab his share of the market.His career began at Verizon where he served as Vice President of Distributed Operations leading a team of over five hundred IT professionals in managing complex mission critical systems successfully. While he was at Verizon, Ravi became acutely inclined towards Cyber security.He went on to join a startup which took hold of security in the financial services. Thought in itself can be nothing more than a waste of good resource unless it is put to good use, which is where entrepreneurship played a key role in Ravi’s life.

In the year 2000, Ravi founded Tricipher, a company which provided a unified authentication infrastructure available on demand or on premise to protect web applications and enterprise portals. This was by far the toughest ventures in Ravi’s career because a year after this was the tragic year of the 9/11 incident. Nonetheless,this company beat all odds and accomplished so much at a time when internet had barely clipped the cap of the iceberg; they had already accomplished record revenues and was positioned as one of the leading providers of security technology to the financial services industry. The company’s success was so well received that not only did Tricipher manage to raise $40 Million, but it also caught the eye of VMware, who would eventually acquire the cyber security company in 2009.

An entrepreneur’s life is not defined by the ventures that were successful but by the zeal and perseverance they show for their passion during their toughest days; they are known for their composure. Ravi playfully admits that the rough days came more often than the good ones, “you have to wade through the waves to reach the shore,” he says. After his success at Tricipher, Ravi worked as a research professor and came out with yet another successful company when he returned to the Silicon Valley. Thus Ravi returned to the entrepreneurial arena once more with Hawk and Seal. Hawk and Seal’s technology dealt with phone-based authentication which was beginning to gain traction in the market when one of their partners, Authentify, took notice and approached them. Ravi firmly believes that one of the key traits of successful entrepreneurs is “the knowledge of the opportune time to step out of a venture.” In early March of 2011, Authentify acquired Hawk and Seal.
Back With Renewed Vigour
By now Ravi had already founded two successful ventures and had the good fortune of having taken two triumphant exits. Our passion continues to follow us granting opportunities to grab hold of and take flight but only the bold can take hold of their ideas and turn them into success not once or twice but for a third time. Ravi has recently founded 3pTALK, sticking to his area of expertise; 3pTALK offers enterprise to consumer secure short messaging and multifactor authentication solutions specifically tailored for the healthcare ecosystem. The messages are encrypted with military level cryptography without the users facing any difficulty in communicating with each other. “It is so simple that there is no help screen,” Ravi says candidly. 3pTALK today, enables a host of healthcare companies to communicate and provide information about transactions in a secure environment seamlessly.
The Fundamentals of Golden Days
Looking back Ravi says that there were lots of ups and downs but what kept him moving forward was his passion to achieve what he set out to do. Luck plays a key role in every entrepreneur’s life that undeniably shapes their lives but it is their will to pursue their dreams that truly defines them. This man who was born in Delhi and turned out to be one of the most successful entrepreneurs of our age is not only a successful entrepreneur but also an innovator and inventor, he has 40 patents registered and over 50 more are pending to be registered. He continues to serve as an Operating Partner at The Comvest Group where he has so far co-led four successful investments. Ravi Ganesan is an entrepreneur with a true spirit of innovation that can inspire even the faint hearted and his story is one that will inspire thousands more to stand up and live for their dreams, no matter how hard or out of reach it may seem to be. Though he faced a lot of challenges and unexpected hindrances; Ravi never gave up on his dream which is why he is one of the most successful entrepreneurs of our time.
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