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Sriram Anandan
Sriram Anandan

Sriram Anandan

Managing Consultant

iCreate Software India Pvt. Ltd.


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Sriram Anandan's Advice

start with the data management

I would say - start with the data management or the analytics practice - be it a bank or a software firm. You could also consider specialized BI pr... more>>
Inflection point in my career
There have been two significant ones. I began my career about a decade ago with a global banking leader, where I spent over 3 years in their Operations Department. While it was initially challenging, it started getting a bit mundane, which is when I learnt of an opening in their Analytics Unit. While the role was new for me, technology was something that had always fascinated me. So I quickly embarked on a learning spree about the various technologies and solutions as well as the specific ones the bank was using. This, plus my knowledge of their data management process and product portfolio gave me an edge during selection. This was the first defining moment. The next two and a half years was one of my best learning experiences. I worked on one of the finest analytics tools and churning huge chunks of data was a daily affair. From creating data sets to conceptualizing / executing campaigns to reporting country numbers to the Asian regional office to assisting the business team with in-depth analytical views, the exposure was terrific because I could see the actual past/present of the product/business plus help the business team forecast and plan for the future. The second (and more recent) inflection point was when I joined iCreate, the BI for Banking company, where I had the good fortune of donning multiple hats. For example, there are several occasions when I work with sales team to interact with C-level bankers. I have played a key role in implementation which required delivering insights to one of Indonesia’s largest banks. Given my banking background, I assist presales with functional knowledge. I am part of the product team that constantly innovates upon our banking business intelligence product suite. So, looking back, these 2 junctures have helped me evolve quite a bit.
Doing things differnetly
Coming to think of it, nothing at all actually, because my choices and decisions have been quite thought-through. I also had the added advantage of some great advice from industry experts and my own extensive research, both of which helped my decisions a lot.
Upcoming Trends
I see the banking sector today having a far greater appreciation for the need for BI. This is evident from the heightened awareness levels that conventional enterprise-wide DWs (typically resource intensive) can be replaced by pre-built, ready-to-deploy banking-specific BI solutions. While the financial services sector in the emerging economies are in a wait-and-watch mode for BI /  big data to become pervasive, there is considerable excitement about the possibilities that will unfold.From a capital intensive sector it is gradually but surely moving towards the ready to deploy, lower-TCO solutions, pre-built reports and dashboards performance metrics. By being with a BI product company like iCreate I am able to witness the evolution of BI and analytics in the banking ecosystem. From a career standpoint what this means is I will be able to grow as a banking BI / big data specialist and further hone my skills so that I can contribute more / better to building better products, solutions and services to address future / newer pain areas that are likely to emerge. This could manifest in newer roles and more challenging responsibilities.
Advice from my side
I would say - start with the data management or the analytics practice - be it a bank or a software firm. You could also consider specialized BI product companies such as ourselves, where you get tremendous exposure to a particular industry vertical’s complete spectrum of products and processes. If you are keen on starting an analytics career in the BFSI space, then the good news is that banks are warming up to innovative decision enablement solution where big data plays a critical role.
Beneficial points
If you have a thing for the world of data, information and analysis, and given the constant demand for analytical skills in the financial services sector, you could actually build a meaningful career in a niche space and also probably help shape an interesting industry sector along with your career.

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