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Couple of years from now
I see myself continuing work in the business analytics space, driving the deployment and adoption of solutions that provide responses based on the analysis of individual behaviors.  I see the future of the industry to be driven by the insights derived after analyzing the market behaviors of individual customers. The responses will be tailored to specifically to individuals. Existing offerings of one-size fits all will not be very successful.  Offerings will be ubiquitous taking into account social behaviors and accessible on all platforms and devices.

The challenges are in many spaces.a.Identifying and providing solutions that can handle the explosion of datab. Ensuring that solutions are compliant with security standards and regulations c. Identifying and training of talent to work on these technologies. Knowledgeable and experienced talent on these cutting edge work is hard to come by.d. Speed with which the offerings will reach the market be a key differentiators e. Build solutions that solve real world problems in the industry for example real time offerings based on existing uptake of services.
Upcoming trends
There are several new platforms that have come that have non-traditional architectures and cater to processing of Big Data. To name a few, Exadata from Oracle, Netezza from IBM. Other trends would be the integration of sophisticated analytical algorithms in a very easy to use manner so that the end user can themselves analyze and make use of a set combination of offerings tailored to their needs.Apart from this, the development frameworks for Big Data will be required. Hadoop is one such example that is being widely used.
Advice from my end
a. Pay attention to happenings in the industry; cycles for disruptive changes are becoming smaller.b. Put in effort to talk to customers and end users c. Experience the offerings / services yourself.

I strongly recommend
a.Predictive analyticsb.Designing for Big Datac.Security complainced.Service offerings using analytical tools to solve business problems.
Lesson Learned
Keep oneself upto date with the happenings in the industry.
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