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Rathankar Rao
Rathankar Rao

Rathankar Rao

Sr. Application Scientist

Apsara Innovations

Most Rewarding Moment
My teaching experience at SRM university was a remarkable experience I had. I was neither a biologist nor an IT guy, but was teaching to a group of students who welcomed the idea of blending the biological data using IT tools.
My priorities
I give importance to usefulness or importance of an algorithm while teaching.
Way to motivate Students
I always believe that a teacher should be a good actor and teaching process is equivalent to a movie and if an appropriate structure can be drawn, the class will be motivated.

I follow a breakup as denoted below:
History of a topic--10 mins
Disadvantages of the old concept --2 mins
Questions of what can be done --3mins . At this stage, students who are attentive will definitely come out with some crazy answers, wherein one of them will be near to the new concept. I take that as the catchy point and continue further to explain the new concept.
new concept --5 mins
derivation if any--20 mins. if there is no derivation, i just go around the class to find whether every student is attentive.
next 10 mins, i spend in explaining the physical significance and applications of the concept.
My Advice
1. However experienced you are in teaching, pls prepare atleast for 10 minutes before going to the class. This is very very important, since pre-preparation makes us confident to speak to the students.

2. Do not entertain your wards, if they speak ill of your collegues, since they may do the same for you in your absence. Warn such action if they try doing it in your class.

3. Do not speak anything personal before the students, since there will be 60 brains [60 students], who are gauging every instance you walk, you speak and your action. So everyone's thoughts about you will be totally different and you may sometimes loose your reputation too. What is positive to you may be negative to them.

4. Treat your students as your own brothers and sisters. The attitude of students is to commit mistakes and we teachers are at the other end guiding them appropriately.

5. As much as possible, use creative methods of teaching rather than offering notes. students will become impressed.
Favorite Non-Academic books
I dont read any books, but i love watching bhagawad githa and consider it as a great epic, wherein every scene in it pertains to our life, which teaches us how to progress in life.

I also love to watch the TV serial "Fringe" in foxTV, a science fiction episode. Though none of the concepts shown in this serial can be real, but it gives us an idea as under what conditions can this be real.
Unique way of teaching
1. Designing experiments that follow the theory. Lab component should be a part of the theory and should not be taught in the next semester or as a separate subject.

2. Same experiments should not be used every year. Syllabus should be updated periodically and teaching fraternity should be exposed to industry standards in their vacations by allowing them to get trained in an industry and a report to be made by them at the end of the vacations.

3. Teaching should be supplemented with more number of CREATIVE projects. Creative projects need not be aimed in developing a product or patenting it or usage of a robot, but can employ simple mechanisms to explain the concepts.

4. Teachers should explain the students as what are the applications of a concept they teach in the class and how is it used in the industry. Now a days, for every subject, we have videos available from youtube. atleast such videos should be downloaded and shown to them
Outlook about way to raise quality education
1. Ranking of a student should be done by the innovative methodologies he / she has used in solving a problem and not based on grades / name of a school.

2. Interactive learning should be made compulsory and grades at the preliminary levels should be based only on experiments / problem solving skills and not on answering prose type questions.

3. Teachers promoting creative learning should be encouraged by the government by providing them loans for small setups

4. science clubs by eminent scientists should be setup at every corner of india to promote science.

5. Concepts should be taught by the teachers, but spoon feeding [giving notes] should be avoided. The entire education system should adopt a unified system like having open book tests for their periodic class exams.
About Me
I did my graduation [B.Sc(PME)] from K.R.Puram,blore in 1997 AND master's degree in physics from Bangalore University in 1999. I did another M.Sc degree from annamalai university [M.Sc (Bioinfo.)] and my doctoral degree got awarded in 2010 from Blore Univ.
My first experience as a faculty was at National Junior College, Blore in 1999 teaching physics for 11th standard students. Later, I joined as a paper grader in ACE-IIT-JEE Coaching center in basavanagudi.
I joined SBMJC [Jain College], basavanagudi in the year 2000 and taught physics for nearly two years. I then worked at Sir MVIT for 7 years teaching interdisciplinary topics like Biostatistics, bioinformatics, biosensors and perl programming.
In the year 2009, I joined SRM University, Chennai as an Asst. prof. in Bioinformatics Department and offered my service until 2011 Nov. I was offered a Professor’s position at Oxford College of engg., blore in 2011 Dec. Currently I am working at Apsara Innovations as Appl. scie
My inspiring personality
My Lecturer Mr. Madhusudhan Sir, who taught me physics and electronics at B.Sc course. Any student who studied at K.R.Puram govt. college will definitely agree about his proficiency.
He used to give running notes, which upon reading, we used to virtually see him at our place. wonderful teacher, "Sir! I still salute you for the physics and type of derivations that I have learnt"

Any topic that he teaches, we never used to look in to books. His voice was soft, never abused anyone and used to teach with great patience. He is my role model.

One has to really learn patience from him
Future of Indian Education System
Education was confined to classroom 10yrs back, but in future, education will be accessible to one's desktop and interactive learning might become the art of learning. The demand in IT sector as compared to other industries on one hand is improving the automation industry, while reducing the creative talent, as people are more attractive towards coding rather than science.

Science may expect a downfall in future and the demand of teaching these creative learning techniques may increase
Most Challenges facing by students
The stringent rules imposed by the universities.
A student studying in a college travels on an average for 10-15 kms, with an average time of 4 hrs [to and fro] amidst these traffic jams. He studies nearly 6 subjects, which are not inter connected and doesn't know for what purpose he should study.

The worst part can be observed in technical courses, where a student has to participate in technical events, sports and also help faculty in organizing seminars, arranging sponsorships for events and also be a part of the organizer's team. Though all these adds up to the overall development of a student, but his focus towards his discipline is totally lost. Hence, when these students face an interview call [non-IT streams], they fumble and dont even answer the basics.

Thus, in order that a student does well in their academia, the subjects should be designed in such a way that through out their studies, interconnection between each subject should exist so that they dont forget their basic
Outlook about increase students’ participation
Studying subjects related to their curriculum is not the only duty of the students. They should also have interest in participating surveys related to education, make small groups to promote scientific activities, build up a small team to develop pilot projects [prototypes of novel techniques] useful for the industry.
Students should have an awareness of the employment options available after their graduation and should not only focus on IT jobs. One important principle I find missing in students is, many of them are not focussed towards a career, instead they look for short time benefits. This attitude makes a majority of students follow a conventional job path and only a small fraction become entrepreneurs. It is this reason, why we still depend on other countries, though India is self sufficient and has all the resources to become an independent nation.
Important Lesson
Desire to succeed, hard work and consistency always leads one to his goal
Strongest Subject
There is nothing like strongest and I like every subject. The more you understand about the problem, the more easier it is to crack. I always emphasize this fact to my students " understand the problem before looking for a solution. Break the problem in to many smaller problems and then address the solution for each broken part. join all of them and u get a complete solution"
Family Background
I am the eldest son in my family. I have one younger brother and two younger sisters. My brother is mentally retarded and that is one of the reasons why I became a researcher in biology.

I didnt have a successful schooling, due to financial problems in my family and had to take up business at an younger age. I was marketing envelopes to bakeries, cloth shops and dry cleaners in blore. I passed my 7th standard at the age of 17 and 10th std in private. I continued my college education [PUC] only to get a bus pass, which could be used for my business. But destiny had something else written for me. After joining B.Sc, I was the only student who passed the first year in second class and that year particularly the paper was tough and not many students passed. This result encouraged me to do well in academics.

I owe my success to my parents, who inspite of all their difficulties forced me to study and my dear friends Dr.N.Hariharan and Dr.H.G.Nagendra for helping me to pursue my education.
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