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Vicky Yallamelli

Vicky Yallamelli

Chief Operating Officer - MangoSense Pvt. Ltd

MangoSense Pvt. Ltd


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Important decision
The most important decision for me has been to stick to the Industry even though I was good at software development. Today its helpful as I have best of both Industry and use my software development skills for creating awesome products for the electronic publishing industry.
Ensuring success
I keep abreast of the latest technology, trends and the industry focus. This ensures that I am working with the time and doing enough to stay on top of the things I do.
Influenced by
My mother, my boss and my colleagues have most influenced me. Also the people I worked with during my climb up the ladder. All of these either with their positive influence or sheer negative influence has given me the will to grow and grow.
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
For successful leader it is important to have integrity, to be humble and more so to understand the people you are working with. It is important for a leader to lead by example and also be able to recognize as well as bring the best of colleagues.
Couple of years from now
I see myself relaxing at a beach, with 4 laptops, 5 smart phones, tonnes of documents, zillions of emails and more. What I cannot do is relax work relaxes me. So I see myself working harder with a positive mode towards achieving more.
Degree that I recommend
Currently for the career I am in there are no degrees and certificates however it would be good if institutions can come up with these. Especially for the ePublishing Industry.
Important lesson learned
The most important lesson that I have learnt is no matter how much work one takes on, its important that it is broken into measurable chunks and then taken forward rather than attempting to complete everything in the same time.
My role model
My role model has been my ex CEO. He never likes to be named so I wont name him. he is past his 60s now but yet he has kept going, he has so much time to everything, and we still struggle to make the most of the 24 hours that we have. I am trying my best to be like him. There are others too, such as one of my close friend, a lady who despite a struggles in life is determined to be on top. Women do master the art of managing home and work, and I salute my friend for that.
My strongest skill
My strongest skill is the ability for me to connect with people no matter where they are based. I have been successful in making friends both profesional and personal across the globe.
Brief description about me
I am a veteran in the publishing industry with expertise in digital content such as eBooks, Standards, XML and 13 years of hands on experience in the Industry. I have strong inclination towards open source technology and use it every day for all my tasks.
My family background
I come from a very humble family background. Both of my parents working in the state government office. What I was trained on was to keep working and I am doing it.
My achievements
I am proud of being able to mentor so many people and pass on my skills. In general people are inclined towards with holding information until there is something beneficial. I work towards sharing information and skills so that when we join hands we become a powerful team that can work against all odds and achieve success.
Thoughts on Education system of our country
Though the education in India is one of the best, it is highly important that we focus on skill based training also. Formal education has its pros however it is required to harness and hone skills. There are many young people who would really shine if they are provided ample opportunities of training and improving on their skills.
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