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Pradeep Kumar Sharma
Pradeep Kumar Sharma

Pradeep Kumar Sharma

Web Application Developer

GGITS Jabalpur


Pradeep Kumar Sharma is a member of:

Problems coming in web development.
Its the usability part of the web means how the web interface or medium is useful to the end user because in web development it must be ensured that the software or product you have made has to be useful for eg. the web between erail and IRCTC in both the web, the services are same, but the usabili
Describe your Web Application?
ASp.Net:- A web application is an application that is accessed by users over a network such as the Internet or an intranet.[1] The term may also mean a computer software application that is coded in a browser-supported programming language (such as JavaScript)
Creation of Websites
Design Use of colours, graphics Interaction Simple and elegant useful and easy to use.
Decisions That Mattered
choosing a career as a web developer, is a important career decision for me because it seems me to develop the things used by the unknown person all over the world (who are unknown to me, irrespective to the global boundaries).
Favorite Web development tools
.NET Reflector is a cool tool to ‘decompile’ and inspect code. You get to see how the innards of the Microsoft .NET stack are coded.
vi is a text editor that is widely available on every operating system, it is very difficult to learn, but very powerful.
Work in a different way
I will try nothing new to start my career, keen to do my work and if failure comes into the picture i have to accept that too and moreover i choose one of my ideal to start but will not follow him as the situations are totally different at that time when he had started and different at this time.
What additional skills do you have?
Sincerety Paitence, Have a potential to take risk Optimistic.
Five Years Down the Line
Be the part of the same organization working with, but as a project manager
Your Achievement
MCTS Certificate.. My First Job in CMO Global pvt Ltd.
Interview tips for upcoming fresher
Confidence, Patience Listen the question carefully, understand them, then after taking your time (30 sec) respond Body language and presentaion (the way you are presenting yourself) Be the person, you are
dnt make fool of yourself and them.
About Qualification
B.Sc (CS+Phy+Mathe)-2005
M.Sc (CS) -2008
M.Phil (CS) - 2012

MCTS 2005
Work Pressure and Deadlines
Its by planning and management of the job, time and resources
Success according to me
If you are satisfied with your work and potential, then its a success
measure is RETURN ON INVESTMENT investment in the term of time, money and hard work and return is reward, money and satisfaction.
Happy to work in a team.
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