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Ask Mahaboob Subhan Liyakath for Advice
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Advice Request
Mahaboob Subhan Liyakath
Mahaboob Subhan Liyakath

Mahaboob Subhan Liyakath

Administrative Coordinator

Laundristic LLC

Ensuring success
Whatever the work I do I love that work first than I show my dedication on my work, I will not be the same with previous ideas i use to update my self by creating new ideas and about obeying superiors if they are yelling at me I won't show any type of angry on them even though I am correct I will just listen silently to them at the next time when they are normal at that time I explain them about the misunderstanding, I am always ready to assist my superiors immediately. About my staff who works below/under me I always be polite to them and train my assistant to bring him to my position so I can grow at the same time not only that even in my absence he can take care of my work with my authority. This is how i grow from Marketing executive to Administrative Coordinator in a Corporate Company.

Thank you and Best regards,
Initiative to develop a country
Professionals can help India by giving knowledge to others by pulling freshers with them not only here in India if they are working in abroad also they can recruit most of Indians so that there will be less poverty in India, and performing some social events to pay taxes by explaining all the business persons that by paying taxes regularly they can make India developed country and by explaining everyone vote for the for the well known and educated politician.
My strongest skill
Professional English and other seven Languages, Polite to everyone, Computer Skills in Internet, MS Office, Visio, won't get angry, Listening skills etc
Brief description about me
I am a cool guy, I wont get angry that much If i get angry also my reaction will be just a sound chey I wont show i will just keep silence. I am a lovable person as per my parents kept my name Mahaboob means a lovable person, I will get close to anyone who likes me and I take care of them. Mostly I wont share anything to any one except i get from them.
My achievements
My achievements are I achieved the job BPO when i was working as a Indoor Marketing Executive, When I was Customer Representative I achieved the position as Team Leader, when I joined appolo Computer Education as a Branch Manager and when I got promoted from Badging officer to Logistics Officer and Administrative Coordinator. When I got my International Drivers Licence. when I made Hearty Surgery on my expense, When I bring my wife with me to UAE.
My family background
I am not from a first class family I came from a middle class family I grown up with three siblings three sisters and me. My dad he worked as a Two Wheeler Mechanic and he had a small shop in footpath He use to work in rain, summer and he really worked hard to grow up us with education when i was in high school i use to help my dad after my school and in week off also in workshop he treat me as his friend. My mom she is a home maker and my sisters use to take care me very well and parents also because I am only son all of them were studying in same school, in English medium except my younger sister she wants to study in Kannada medium. Now I gave My dad retirement from his work and know I am very happy that I got an opportunity to take care of my Parents (I love my Mom, Dad, Siblings, my in laws and my wife)
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
Always polite and well knowledge in his field.
Important lesson learned
Degree that I recommend
MBA Maters in Business Administration with Projects Management or Human Resources
Important decision
Sometimes I wont get permission from my superiors within my limits for cost control, negotiating with suppliers, giving a better offer for clients, providing training for staff about the work and also giving spoken English training and about my self personal I started making savings,made a property in my name and I got married when i crossed 29 years as planned and now Life is smooth.
My role model
My role model is my dad he is the one who teach me how to walk and live in this world by giving me education, knowledge and strength to come up.
More about myself
I would like to tell If you want to get success in your work or in your life just follow the simple things.
1) Respect all of them even if they are smaller in your age.
2) love everyone in this world instead of getting angry show your smile face and try to correct them politely.
3) Use please words instead of ordering.
4) don't get angry.
5) Show your dedication what ever the work you take until you finish/complete it.
6) instead of using negative thoughts always think positive.
7) after your work/studies spend your time with your family and friends always be relaxed.
8) to reduce your stress play some games you like or listen music which makes you relax.
9) Share your happiness with your family and friends and sorrow only with few.
10) first performance will be always your best performance in work/family/with friends.
Thoughts on Education system of our country
before it was worst but now I think its well developed let it be maintained same without corruption and our current generation they are very intelligent, talented and faster.
Couple of years from now
After 5 years I want to see myself in my Own Company starting with 50`100 employees making my dad as a Managing Director.
Influenced by
One of my Colleague got influence from me to join my friends concern and I referred him with his good knowledge, skills and his enthusiasm with influence letter.
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