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Ask Jerry Tennell for Advice
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Jerry Tennell
Jerry Tennell

Jerry Tennell

Oil and Gas Consultant


My role model
I had a Uncle that I worked for when I first joined the oil field, his name was Leland Marrow. He was one of the most knowledgeable people I know. He inspired me to always do my best and I learned a lot from him about down hole problems and situations. This is the hardest part of upper management in the oil and gas industry is understanding down hole issue's. People are promoted up fast as the industry has grown and this does not let them gain the knowledge needed to understand what is going on down hole. Leland explained what was going on and showed me lots of different ways to resolve the issues that go on down hole. Most of the people that have a great understanding of this are all dead and gone from the industry. Leland past away in 2008 and took with him a knowledge that cant be replaced. People like myself that received some of his knowledge lets him live on in some of the work that I still do today. He taught me to think outside the box and I will do that from now on.
My family background
My family is all from Texas, I am 3rd generation oil field. My grandfather on my mother's side and my father were both in oil field. I have grand parents living in Bedi Texas they own a horse ranch there. My Parents live in Del Rio Texas which is on the border of Mexico. I have 2 Brothers and 5 sisters an they live scattered across Texas most of them around the San Angelo Area, I have a son and grandson living in San Angelo Texas. My son is a Bank Manager there. I have a wife and daughter that live in India with me, my wife is Indian and we have daughter that is 4 years old her name is Lucky Kim Tennell she is the spark in her daddy's eyes.
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
You must have honesty and integrity to become an successful leader. You should always remember to try and treat everyone with respect, you should always try and talk to people the way you want to be talked to. No one individual is any better than anyone else no matter race, religion or anything else that sets us apart from anyone else. To be a good leader you should try to surround yourself with the smartest and brightest people that you can get. This will help you learn as well as teach and stay on top of your game. I notice a lot of time managers do not like having anyone around that they think is as smart as they are this is caused by worrying about there own job. This is wrong in thinking like that but it happens a lot. Like I said I prefer to have the brightest and smartest around me. Foremost always follow the 6 P's Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance. Don't lie and don't steal and you will always have a chance at being a good leader.
Couple of years from now
I would like to be able to fish and play more golf in the next couple of years. I enjoy having race horses and love to watch them win. I hope to have a job that keeps me active I do love my work and do not want to retire I would go mad I think. So hope to have a position somewhere that will allow me to fish and play a little golf once in awhile. Would like to live on the ocean again. That is about a perfect explanation as to where I would like to be in a couple years.
My achievements
I have set world records in drill bits, depths, and most of all I am known through out the industry as a problem solver. I have maintained contact with a lot of people in the Industry over the years and I am happy when they call with a situation and I am able to give them good advice and help them out. That is the best feeling in the world.
Thoughts on Education system of our country
India is different in so many ways as far as education, they put more infancies on qualification than on experience. I want someone that can actually do something than someone that knows a lot but cant do nothing. Education is needed do not get me wrong but what someone that is qualified needs to understand they also need to get the hands on learning also. Times are you will see people say I am a engineer get a labour to do that. They are not learning what they need to learn in doing this. The thing is learning a trade or how to do something is very important and this is done by actually doing it. It is very hard to teach someone to do something if you have not done it yourself. You read about people hanging them self over a failed class. They should teach that failure is not the end of the road. People that have failures are stronger people for them and most of the richest people in the world can always quote where they have failed at things in there life and look where they are.
Brief description about me
I am originally from Texas in the United States. I have worked and lived all over the world. I started out at the bottom in the oil and gas drilling industry and worked my way up by paying close attention and by trying things that were different. As is with all industry we try and do things that have worked In the past, my thinking is if it works but has flaws we should try to improve it or make it better. I am a person that is always looking to improve on the way things are done so as to increase productivity and cost. I have worked in India for the past 6 years and when I first came to India I was surprised by the way at which people thought. I would ask someone for example and they would give me 10 reasons why they could not do it, not one reason why they could. So in working in the upper management in India I first always try to make people think about what they are doing and teach them to look at things different than they did before. I think this is the reason for my success.
More about myself
I feel India is changing faster than most people believe. I think the RTI or Right to information was one of the best things that has came to be. I think it will help change and make more transparency in all areas of government. I feel things have changed for the better in the six years I have lived here and hope to see more.
Influenced by
My father he taught me not to lie or steal and don't associate with those that do. So by following his advice I feel that it has put me in some tight spots at times but has kept me on the right path. I feel choices are what guides us on the path we call life. A bad choice will lead you in the wrong direction and once you are on the wrong path it might take some doing to get back on the right path.
Initiative to develop a country
Development is every where you look any more especially in the city's but what they need to take into consideration is the proper infrastructure. They talk about it and its in the papers but that's all that it is. Lots of talk there is no one that knows what is being done and where. Inspectors are not seen on sites they take there bribe at the office and never visit the site. This is the reason for so many collapsed building all over the country. You have to have some one strong to lead government. One way to curtail the corruption would be do what China did. Start killing anyone found guilty of corruption in doing this you will see a immediate change in things being done. The problem is there is no fear of getting caught, so this is where the problem lies.
My strongest skill
My management skills and my vast knowledge of the drilling business, my understanding the business as well as I do helps me to get people to doing the right thing right away in situations where time is of very importance. Split second timing is needed in the drilling business and ever second counts in a lot of cases. One bad decision at the wrong time can cost you millions of dollars. So making smart decisions at a moments notice saves time and money in this business. So this is my most strongest points.
Important decision
I would say that living all over the world and learning to cope where ever you may find yourself. Its not easy moving somewhere and learning the customs and the way things are done is one of the best decisions I have made. No matter where you go there is a learning curve on how things are done to where you can find what you need to make yourself comfortable and a effective part of the team in which you find yourself working.
Important lesson learned
Yes never pre judge anyone or anything because most times you will be wrong in your first assessment. In life decisions should be thought about before making any hasty moves.
Degree that I recommend
Yes a degree in Engineering, Drilling, Production, Mechanical, Petroleum. All these degrees will be beneficial to make yourself have a profitable as well as successful career.
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