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Balakrishnan Mechakkat
Balakrishnan Mechakkat

Balakrishnan Mechakkat

bank employee

united bank of india


Balakrishnan Mechakkat is a member of:

- Expert
Growth Strategy:
I have no such ambitions,but I started to write to give my views, which are independent and are pro poor and the farmers who are committing suicides all over India due to the government apathy and mass corruption in India. I wanted to help those helpless people survive because of they are unlucky.
Working Life Management:
I work during day time then read, write and help family members after my work hours.
Role Model:
My grand mother who taught us the five principles in life don't steal,don't kill,do not fall prey for sexual pleasure,don't lie and never drink alcohol.But frankly speaking I could not be termed as a perfect example due to my sins in early college days and younger days.
Degrees That Matter:
I have a Bachelors degree from the university of Calicut in commerce.[Bcom]
The Journey So Far:
I worked in different places in different fields from the North east India to the southernmost tip of India right from 1981,after my graduation.first started as a medical representative ,then moved on and worked in super luxury and star hotels in front office and joined my present employer UBI.
Plans For The Future:
I never had big ambitions and never bother about tomorrow or yesterdays.I take one day at a time , who knows whether I will be alive at all in a couple of years.I leave that for the lord to decide.
Done Differently:
To be frank I simply don't have an answer for that because, I did what I thought was the best under those circumstances and aptly like frank Sinatra, I did things my way.No regrets and no tears.
Prized Accomplishment(s):
Nothing much, perhaps if my writings have made any difference to those who read it, that might give me some satisfaction of having contributed for some positive changes in our society.
Changes In The Professional Environment:
Not much,only instead of ledger keeping in my early days from 1988 to the present day computers have made much difference to my work environment.Other wise i don't see much has changed except the fact that there are more crowds every where I go.
Other Thoughts:
Do contribute more in a positive way to make those snobs who are rich to have the mentality to share their wealth with the poorest people on earth.
Job Profile:
My present designation is single window Operator in our Ganapathy Branch of coimbatore, United Bank of India.I am presently the Head Cashier of our branch. I contribute by way of increasing our business in retail banking operations.
The Decisions That Matter
Quitting my job as a medical representative and perhaps later leaving behind the Hotel front office as well.
Career Profile:
Earlier I was in the Counter dealing with customers in their needs other than cash.Now it is exclusively cash and is boring at times,due to the monotony of the job.I am rather happy in Public relations job.
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