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Ask Niranjana Prabhu for Advice
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Advice Request
Niranjana Prabhu
Niranjana Prabhu

Niranjana Prabhu

Associate Professor and Head

East Point College of Engineering for Women

Essential qualities
A teacher should have the commitment and passion for teaching. He/she should have the capability to connect to students of various levels. He should command respect from student community by delivering the goods required by the students community with maximum effort. He should be smart and hard working. Update continuously about the field of work. He/she should be a good leader and a good team member as well. Good coordination with colleagues is essential.
Family Background
I belong to a remote village Chippinakere near Chitradurga of Central part of Karnataka. My father is a retired teacher and mother a home maker. I am 7th and last child of my parents. My parents are currently doing farming activity at our village along with my one of my brother. 2 more brothers are into teaching at high school level. Farming is prime activity of our village. I started my career as faculty in chemistry in a professional Institution. Now this is my 13th year of my career.
Career Expectation
Shortly I am getting my Doctoral degree. Will be looking for higher responsibilities as teacher and researcher. I am also looking forward to work for society by descimating science and technology in kannda to rural people. Currently I am also associated with Svadeshi Vijnana Andolana, which promotes science in Kannada Language. I am also looking forward to become a recognised author in the field of Science and Kannada literature. As I have already 5 books to my credit.
Current Job & Role
I am working as Associate Professor and Head, Department of Chemistry at East Point College of Engineering for Women, Virgonagar P.o., Bangalore - 560 049. My role is to Teach Professional students, monitor their progress, counsell them, conduct examinations. Along with teaching role I also engage in reaseach activity. I am writer as well. My writing is into Kannada literature (poetry) and Science Literature that help common man to understand in local language. I responsiblities are at middle management level.
Important Career Decision
Sticking into teaching eventhough it was and is less paid job (relatively) as it gives more satisfaction. Took responsibilities when ever they came in my way very early in my career. There was an opportunity for me to set lab for B.E. Biotechnology students, which I did in short time with many hurdles in the way. I am proud of that. I took responsibility as Head of the department at early stage of my career. I done successfully so far. I didnt loose faith in my self and in my capabilities at tough times.
Changes in My Profession
Its good. When I entered my professional career, it was bit disappointing, as people around were not so cooeperative, jealous. But that changed with time, as I managed well with those people, they also changed a bit. When I changed institution which I am working now, it was terrifying atmosphere. Our leader was control freak. Initially I never resisted. Slowly I started to put the words politely without hurting egos of people there. Things started changing. Now the atmosphere is different under my leadership. It very cordial, colleagues work with love rather than by force. There is a friendly atmosphere in the department. Work go smoothly.
Recommending References
I advise people to read more books on personality development. They teach you better than any person without hurting egos. some of them are 1. The Power of your sub concious mind - this helps you to utilize potential of our brain in better manner. 2. Eat that Frog - This book is about avoinding procrastination, how to manage time, how to prioritize things., 3. Books on Meditation and Swami Vivekananda will be good to know ourself and to be the best managers for self.
Advice for followers
Put your ego down. It will not fetch you any thing. Be ready to learn even if the situation is negative kind. Life will always be ready to teach you, only we should be ready to learn. Learning needs to be a continuous process. You should not be a stagnant water, be like a water stream. There certain things we need to unlearn at time, we should be ready to sacrifice those. Respect elders/seniors, learn as much as possible from them.
I have earned respect from student community as well as from my superiors. I have earned a place as a writer in kannada. Happy that I have received an award from Kannada Sahitya parishat for my poetry and Youg Scientist award for propelling Science and Technologyin Kannada. Have some good Journal publications of international repute. 5 books to my credit.
New trends in domain
Adapting to new teaching methodologies for the current generation students. Getting updated at every stage to be with advances in Science and Technology.
Journey in corporate world
Going smooth now. Looking forward for better environments for teachers. There were tough times at times, which I have managed quite well. Happy about that. They too need to give more respect to teachers.
Way to ensure growth
Learning day by day. I have learnt that if I stop learning today I will be illiterate for tomorrow. Respecting seniors/management without surrendering my dignity/self respect. Voice my opinions when it matters.
Outlook about option to start career again
Definitely I would be in better position after 12 more years of career. I now know the in and out of education industry. Nothing is better than understanding the work place act accordingly to the requirement. When you enter into professional career, one must understand well the aorking place/industry they step in to the requirement, which makes you and your team to feel comfortable.
Outlook about India as A developed country
Contribute to self, serve self to the best possible way, indirectly you will be serving the country. You will be contributing to the development of the nation with out knowing about it. If an individual grow, it will help his family, that will help his surroundings, inturn the society in general.
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