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Anil Mishra
Anil Mishra

Anil Mishra

CEO and Founder, Clicue IT Solutions Pvt Ltd

Clicue IT Solutions Pvt Ltd

Important decision
During my entrepreneurial career, I think selecting the right people at the right time helped me a lot.
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
I think, a person with a defined and firm vision with the intuition to utilize the resources to the fullest succoring the whole team towards the objective could be a good leader. The person needs to provide an appropriate recognition to the team members whereever required. The person needs to fule motivation, enthusiasm and energy in all the team members.
My achievements
To chase my dream and to give a real shape to the entrepreneurial worm in me is the biggest achievement that I am proud of.
Brief description about me
With 3.5 years of professional experience in IT industry, I started my career from a well reputed global IT firm. But the worm of entrepreneurship was incubated in me when I was doing my B.Tech from Graphic Era University, Dehradun.

After 2 years of professional experience in a global IT company, I realized that working for someone else isn’t in my DNA. So, I decided to found Clicue, a product company that is a total meritocracy. We follow a culture - Don’t care about process. Treat everybody like an adult. Let them wear what they want, come to work when they want, work hard or work easy. Where you minimize process, you maximize outcomes.
Thoughts on Education system of our country
I think the education system needs not to be stereotypic. In India, the future, career and other opportunities of any candidate are being determined by the grades he/she has secured in his/her academic career. I think how grades can define or delineate the career of anybody. The most important thing I think for anybody's future and career is the passion and interest he/she possess. The priority should be given to the passion, interest and dedication of the candidate not to the grades. The scenario of the education system in India has started a change and I think it would definitely transform into the passion oriented system.
My strongest skill
I think the creativity and management skills are the strongest professional skills earned during my entrepreneurial career.
Important lesson learned
To vie with the quirks of life is the real is entertainment.
Influenced by
Steve Jobs. He has influenced my life a lot. By reading his biography "Steve Jobs by Walter Issacson" and watching a movie "Pirate of Silicon Valley" feature on his life, my thoughts oriented me to think like an entrepreneur and it boosted me to start my own business. The life of Steve Jobs provided me the confidence and the attitude to move ahead in life despite of many hurdles in my career.
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