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Srikanth Jairam
Srikanth Jairam

Srikanth Jairam

Procurement Specialist

Accenture Services Pvt


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Srikanth Jairam's Advice

Understand your employees

"Leaders are born" and they cannot become by inspiration/reading books. some of the advices to upcoming leaders and those who are already in lead... more>>
Current Job Description
I have 10 years of qualitative experience in Procurement Function.Presently associated with Accenture Services Pvt Ltd, Bangalore. I lead a part of India Procurement Operations.Taking care of Various Procurement Related tool and technology and Developing strategy of Procurement Catalog Management.
Influenced by
Since,I have started working in corporate I have come across lot of leaders,but I have not been influenced too much or carried away from them. However, I have one person who has influenced very much who really believes in networking which helps and builds relationship not only at corporate level but in various other aspects.
Initiative taken by professionals to develop a country
I strongly believe that,it is not only the Government's role to make India a developed nation. People of the country should also take responsibility. Education and Job Creation will be the key factors involved. Citizens with enough disposable income must do charity as a part of life - not only to save tax, but with a genuine concern. Collective efforts to educate poor children and develop rural areas can make a huge difference.

We, the people of India, must vote and more importantly vote for the right candidates (who can make a difference and who are well educated themselves).

I really hope that India becomes a developed nation sooner than later
Important decision taken
I made 2 major decisions pertaining to my career, I made a decision to complete my Masters in Business Administration (part-time)and another one is joining the right organizaion.
Handling risky decision
I took a very risky decision when I decided to quit my previous organization, however I landed in such a situation where I was almost without a job, as the company who offered me job asked me to get the relieving on the 1st of my joining :(. The fact is all corporate provides only after 30 or 45 days from the last working day. I had no way other than going back to my manager and ask to take back.
More about myself
As I strongly believe in People development/Networking etc. I think all the leaders in any organization fail to have this quality rather they concentrate more on getting things done on their own way. For example they are more bossy when its comes to work. Rather the other way of getting things done is to have good people enangement level high always, so that things can be done on time and at the right time.
My achievements
I am really proud to say that, since the time I started working in corporate world I left an impression that, I am there for the people who worked with me as peer/reportees/Managers for any kind of professional or personal help. As people can only build a organzatoin/nation.
My Strongest Skill
I strongly believe that I have people management and networking skills, Which really helps and buils my professional career inside and outside organization
Qualities require to be successful
Being a analyst you should be creative, a people person, open minded, able to analyze the attributes of another individual
Avoiding mistake and connecting right dots
As said, i srongly believe in networking with various levels of people inside and outside organization which helps builds personally and professionally. As a leader networking is the most important factor.
My thought on education system in India
India has made progress in terms of increasing primary education attendance rate and expanding literacy to approximately two thirds of the population. India's improved education system is often cited as one of the main contributors to the economic rise of India. However, India continues to face stern challenges. Despite growing investment in education, 25% of its population is still illiterate; only 15% of Indian students reach high school, and just 7% graduate. The quality of education whether at primary or higher education is significantly poor as compared with major developing nations. In India education system is not based on pure merit, but its based on caste based reservations. In universities/Colleges/Institutions affiliated to federal government there is minimum 50% of reservations applicable to various castes.At state level it varies. This needs to be changed in all the major states in India.
Couple of years from now
I would like to see my self as Consultant
Upcoming trends
Since the time I started working in Procurement domain, I have seen major technological developments. Right from Small organization to multimillion dollar company Procurement play an important role towards the accomplishment of cost, profit, service & organizational goals. And it has a great career opportunities
Concept of Analyst
someone who analyzes the existing or ideal organization and design of systems, including businesses, departments, and organizations. Also play major role in describing what the system, process, or product/service must do in order to fulfill the business requirements
My advice to professionals
"Leaders are born" and they cannot become by inspiration/reading books.
some of the advices to upcoming leaders and those who are already in leadership position.

Behave as you would want your employees to behave, but also understand that your role is different from that of your employees.

Investing time in your people like having high engagement levels

Be respected than loved

Be a coach or mentor

Shift the focus from "Me to We".
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