Android Developer Course:

In this course you will be learning the following things: -

Section 1 - Introduction.
You have set your sights in the right direction by deciding to learn Android. This section will take you through the significance of Android in the IT industry, format of this course and we will have a quick look at the IT world discussing about its functionality and the software development lifecycle.

Section 2 - First Meeting with Android.
Android not only as an Operating System, middleware and key applications, technology and development environment is discussed here. We also peep into the history of Android then we download the Android(SDK) software, installation and we have a look at our first 'Hello World' Android project with in depth analysis.

Sections 3 - Android Stack Introduction and Architecture and Application Components.
In this section, we will cover up little bit depth analysis of different API levels, Android Architecture, Dalvik Virtual Machine, Android Application Fundamentals and Components like, Activity, Services, Intents, Content Providers, Broadcast Receiver , Manifest, etc, App resources like drawables.

Section 4 - Activity & Activity Life Cycle, Intents, Fragments, ActionBars, DDMS, Debug and Other View.
In this section, we will learn creating Activity and Activity Life Cycle in detail. Component activating like Intents and Intent Filters, Fragments in detailed. DDMS - Dalvik Debug Monitoring. LogCat View, Breakpoint and Debug.

Sections 5 - Basic UI, Layout Manager, View and ViewGroups, UI Adapters.
In this section we will learn designing basic user-interface using xml. We also cover all Views and ViewGroups like Button, TextView, EditText, Sppiners, RadioButton, CheckBox, LinearLayout, RelativeLayout, ScrollView, etc. We will also get the knowledge of how to implement ListView and GridView ( default and custom) using Adapter Classes like ArrayAdapter, BaseAdapter, CursorAdapter etc.

Section 6 - Services and IntentService
In this section we will learn how to implement Service and IntentService for long term background operation with brief introduction of Bound Services and AIDL.

Section 7 - Content Providers & BroadCast Reciever.
This section elaborate the basic implementation of ContentProvider to share data between two application like accessing contacts from Contact App.

Section 8 - Data Storage.
This section explain the different Data Storage options in Android Platform. In which we will learn SQLite Database, Storing and retrieving to and from external SD cards. Detailed overview of SharedPreferences and traditional method to store data using File.

Section 9 - Network access and Asynchronous processing
This section explain how to handle network requests and to do asynchronuous processing, Android background processing with Handler and AsyncTask . XML and JSON parsing

Section 10 - Adding third party Library into Android app , Android Location API and Google Maps.
Creating and using Android Libraries and Library projects, integration of Google Maps in Android app, Location Services, Places API, GPS implantation, Getting Current Location , Geocoding and reverse Geocoding.

And many more.....

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