From Bike Loan to Insurance: Take the Next Step Towards Your Dream Royal Enfield Bike

From Bike Loan to Insurance: Take the Next Step Towards Your Dream Royal Enfield Bike

A bike for dreamers, travelers, and enthusiasts, Royal Enfield is the perfect bike for every kind of person. This is a bike for the young at heart and adrenaline-seeking souls. When you hear the adventure calling you, mount your bike and get going. This majestic and comfortable bike has been around since the early 1900s and is one of the most loved and popular motorcycles around the world. The handsome looks and reliable engine of this bike have won hearts all over the world.

Buying a Royal Enfield is like a dream come true for most of us and that is why it is essential to stay grounded and think about the practical aspects while investing time, money, and effort.

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Things to remember while buying Royal Enfield

Royal Enfield is a heavy bike and you should be comfortable with maneuvering something that heavy. It is big and heavy and you should make sure you can comfortably be seated while riding it. This bike was made for long distances and not fast rides. You may want to remember this before you buy your dream bike.  Although it is a magnificent machine, it requires more care and attention than most motorcycles. If you are looking for a bike that gives great mileage, you may look at other options as well.

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How can you apply for a bike loan?

Applying for a bike loan is convenient and easy. When you are applying for a loan, you can use the bike loan EMI calculator to determine your installment per month. You can choose the duration of your loan and get a bike loan online. You can submit your documents by uploading them online.

You require identity proof, address proof, and income proof if it is applicable. Identity proof includes documents like – Voter’s card, driving license, Passport, Aadhar Card, and any other documents that the bank may have specified. All the proofs provided by you have to be valid and not expired.

Address proofs submitted for acquiring a bike loan should be different from identity proofs provided. Address proofs might include documents like utility bills, property tax receipts, or letters of allotment of accommodation from employers.

Income proof if needed can be presented in the form of bank statements and salary slips.

Bike Insurance for your Royal Enfield

Bike insurance is an investment in your future that should be done thoughtfully and carefully to get maximum benefits. The two types of insurance available in the market are comprehensive insurance and third party insurance.

Comprehensive insurance has a wide range of protection which includes coverage against theft, damage, loss, and much more. Third party insurance is limited to coverage of the aggrieved party and not your bike or you, in case of an accident. Third party insurance is legally mandatory for every vehicle that is being driven on Indian roads.

Comprehensive insurance policies are open to customization. The common add-ons that people opt for are – roadside assistance cover, cover for loss or theft of key, zero depreciation, and more. You can select the best bike insurance policy as per your needs and calculate the EMI using the online EMI calculator. While choosing insurance policies, it is beneficial to remember a few things like IDV being offered to you, premium rate, claim settlement process, reviews, and thorough understanding of terms and conditions.

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Mandatory documents required to ride a bike

Apart from the documents mentioned above, there are some documents that are essential when you are riding a bike on Indian roads. These documents should be with you at all times and should be valid and not expired. Registration certificate, insurance certificate, driver’s license, and emission test certificate are mandatory. You are required to carry the original documents or an attested copy of the same. Colour or black and white xeroxes are not acceptable.

All guidelines laid down by the government are to ensure your safety and the overall benefit of everyone. Buying your dream Royal Enfield is a milestone that should be celebrated. It is the beginning of a series of unforgettable trips, memories, and events. Enjoy your time with your Royal Enfield responsibly!

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