Royal Enfield Rolls Out War Inspired Limited Edition Bikes

BANGALORE: India’s home-bred Royal Enfield launched its limited edition bikes on May 28. The edition by the two wheeler giant will be available online and has driven inspiration from 'despatch riders' of the World Wars, reports ET.

Royal Enfield enthusiast would now get to buy the limited edition, all new accessories and gear collections in local as well as international markets. Royal Enfield CEO Siddhartha Lal said, "These bikes can be booked online from our gear stores and deliveries would begin by July 15."

The Chennai-based firm plans to sell 600 units of the limited edition Classic 500 model. The classic edition Despatch bikes will be available in three shades- Battle Green, Desert Storm and Squadron Blue. Indian Market would witness the launch of only two of the hues with 200 units each.

The bikes will also offers matching accessories like leather jackets and shoes with ankle guards. Apart from the domestic the market the limited edition to 50 different international market locations.

As the company is expanding its network globally, Lal added, "We currently have around 400 outlets across the country. We sell gear and accessories from 250 of these outlets. By the end of the year we plan to have around 500 total outlets and we aim to sell gear from around 400 outlets."

Lal also commented on the company’s future plans for expansion and said that it is presently aiming towards the growing markets of Latin America and South East Asia. "In these markets there is huge gap for middle weight bikes as either you have entry level commuter bikes or large bikes from international brands. It is this mid-segment where we want to get in," Lal said.

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