7 Tips that will Add Extra Mileage on your Next Road Trip

Road trip. Two words that will set the hearts of travellers abuzz and will even get the minds of armchair travellers on hyper drive. You ride that bike you love, probably the best two-wheeler in India, zipping on an empty highway in Leh or going around green coconut trees in the south; a road trip as the millennials say, ‘is lit’.

However, you ought to take some steps to make your road trips one to remember.

1.  Get your bike serviced

Before you leave on that epic road trip you planned, it is best to get your bike served in a garage. A professional look will always ensure your two-wheeler remains steadfast if anything were to occur whilst the trip. Ensure you get the engine oil changed, the chain is lubricated, brakes work smoothly, all lights work in pristine condition, tyre pressure is optimum, and the horn works just fine.

2.  Keep a Map Nearby

Google map was a revolutionary tool for avid travellers. However, technology will not always aid you, especially in places where the network is weak or zero. To avoid getting lost in such scenarios, always keep a physical map with you. It will help you when you least expect it. No wonder the saying goes, ‘Old is Gold’.

3. Know the Garages

Before you set off, make a list of garages on the way. If there is a cashless garage on the list, better. With such garages, you can get your bike repaired without having to pay as your insurance company settles the bill with the garage. Keep their contact number and address with you whilst on the road trip.

4. Stay Fuelled

We do not mean your two-wheeler but your body. Long rides are strenuous to the body and dehydration will happen sooner than expected. Carry a range of vitamins, snack and protein bars, water bottles, and food. Hunger and thirst should never be ignored.

5. Keep relevant documents with you

When you cross state lines, you are bound to face police nakas and inspections. They may ask you for your papers. Driving license, two-wheeler insurance papers, etc. You will face a fine if you do not have these documents. Ensure you keep them near.

6. Timely Stops

It is smart to plot places where you will take pit stops. A petrol pump, a provision store on the way, hotel for the night. Use the stop to recover, rehydrate, eat, and inform your loved ones about your trip’s progress.

7.  First aid kit

Unforeseen events are the worst on a road trip. While you cannot predict them, you can, however, take timely precautions against them. One of the most effective ways is to carry a first-aid kit with you. Bandages, antiseptic liquid and creams, and vital medicines you take. Never leave for any trip without a first-aid kit.

These eight tips should help add that extra mileage on your next road trip.   

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