9 Things You Should Know About Royal Enfield Motorcycles

BENGALURU: Royal Enfield is one of the oldest legacies in India still maintaining its stance and popularity in the market. The company’s existence so far is because of its ‘Exclusivity’ and the ‘Quality’ it offers making it a unique and premium motorcycle to be owned.

So, if you are one of the Royal Enfield fans out there, here are some must know facts for you as compiled by the Nomadic Knights.    

Royal Enfield Logo

# Did you know that the logo and the slogan on the Royal Enfield bikes shows off the company’s background of a weapon manufacturer? The real logo has cannon with a punch line- “Made Like a gun, Goes like a Bullet”.

1963 Bullet

# The Bullets have been in production since 1948 and is assumed to be the longest production motorcycle in the world.

The first bike produced dates back to 1931with a four stroke, single cylinder engine and looks unlike the present day models from the company. 350cc and 500cc models were available back then too with one of the variants used for the army during World War II by the British government.

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