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November - 2011 - issue > Spotlight: Enterprise Software
Zephyr Managing Test Cycles
si Team
Wednesday, November 2, 2011
Zephyr makes test management easier, test cycles faster and test team members more effective. Product teams gain real-time visibility into quality at every stage of development. This allows for teams to make more informed decisions and communicate with confidence the critical paths and timelines to internal/external stakeholders.

They know testing. The company has lived through the pains of managing testing. “We have struggled to make Excel work and have paid ridiculous prices to purchase complex, legacy suites. We have implemented test methodologies and test automation in both large and small teams, local and globally distributed teams, for software product companies and in IT departments. We have helped our customers reduce the amount of conference calls, prevent the constant flow of status reports, automate pass/fail test reporting, and reduce project kick off time by reusing tests, schedules, reports, and metrics,”says Samir Shah, CEO, Zephyr.

To get more testing done in the same amount of time, by reducing the effort needed to manage the process, it takes full advantage of today’s collaborative, real-time technologies and production proven API’s. There is no reason why managers and team leads must still generate reports by hand and work with multiple, inefficient user interfaces. Zephyr makes hassle free integrations of automation, defect tracking and requirements management technologies a reality for Oracle, Dell, eBay, Jive and Barnes & Noble. Awarded by Gartner, AWS, Under the Radar, and OnDemand, Zephyr is used by over 300 customers across 45 countries worldwide that span 13 different verticals including; Mobile, Medical Device, Enterprise Software, Gaming and Telecom.

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