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November - 2011 - issue > Spotlight: Wireless
Altierre Unleashing the Power of Digital Era
si Team
Wednesday, November 2, 2011
The retail industry in the U.S. is a fast growing one and is worth over $3 trillion now. One of the severe pain points of players in this space is the manual task of re-pricing. This mundane task is not only time consuming but also adds on to the operational cost, amounting to tens of billions of dollars every year. In 2001, while shopping in a grocery store Sunit Saxena personally witnessed and realized this pain point faced by the retailers. In 2003, together with Anurag Goel, Sunit started Altierre to relieve the industry of this pain and to bring them to the digital age.

Altierre, headquartered in San Jose, has revolutionized the world of price and signage changes in retail. The company’s RF based platform provides many consumer benefits improving both revenues and margins. Its initial offering, ESL (Electronic Shelf Labels), automates the price and information dissemination processes in stores. The company’s highly scalable RF system can manage and update millions of intelligent tags and display in stores and warehouses. Since it is a non-line of sight, power-efficient RF based technology, it can manage entire 50-100,000 square feet installations with only a couple of wireless access points, hence relieving retailers of huge initial investments. Altierre has also developed several schemes for both low power communications as well as driving displays.

Additionally it has developed digital temperature tags that monitor hot, refrigerated, and freezer cases day and night, and prevent spoilage due to temperature changes by alerting managers to temperature variations via a Web interface, e-mail, or text messages. Their Out-of-Stock Sensors monitor shelves 24/7 and notify managers that it’s time to re-stock. Innovation with customer satisfaction is kept as an integral part of the company’s corporate culture. Its innovative technologies and customer-centric approach has made sure that the company will grow along with the industry.

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