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Your Bridge to America
Abishek Chandran
Tuesday, February 11, 2014
Satveer Chaudhary became America's first Indian American Senator 2001. He served 14 years in the Minnesota legislature where he also shouldered Indian-American issues across the United States. Seldom was there an Indian-American issue in which he did not have a voice. Chaudhary's passion for the Indian community, combined with experience in government bureaucracy, is what Chaudhary feels sets him apart from other immigration attorneys.
In his political career, Chaudhary attended President Obama's first State Dinner with Prime Minister Singh, escorted Dalai Lama, led trade mission to India, reduced labor certification backlogs, addressed backlashes against Indians after 9/11, and fought religious bias. Indeed, a prominent magazine named him to the list of top 50 non-resident Indians in the world.
Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Chaudhary's Minneapolis immigration lawyers represent companies and individuals across America for their employment visas and green cards. "Our Midwest location eliminates time zone problems, and therefore response time, in contacting our firm. And clients really enjoy Midwest pricing which is much lower than either coast."

Chaudhary Law Office's practices focuses on the Indian community, even naming its website www.desi-lawyers.com. "As a first generation American, I've grown up with the Indian immigration experience, both legally and culturally. So we are naturally adept helping South Asian clients from H-1Bs to Hindu priests to Bollywood artists," says Chaudhary, "and we have a 100 percent marriage green card approval record."

Chaudhary adds that most Indians in the U.S. have never hired an attorney before. "U.S laws can be tricky and nerve-wracking, especially when your future rides on one application. We enjoy providing holistic guidance, even if it means not hiring us for the time being. Consider us your 'Ayurvedic' attorneys." Chaudhary likens the importance of hiring an attorney to that of choosing a doctor, "Do you go on the internet to choose the cheapest doctor to help your sick child? Just like choosing the best doctor, an immigration attorney should quickly understand their client's needs and be well suited to deliver the best solution. Professionalism in a law office should also reign supreme, starting from the waiting room to "examination, diagnosis, and treatment."

Chaudhary's accolades hail from the very top of state government, "Satveer Chaudhary is an honest, hard working attorney who is extremely knowledgeable of the legislative process and practice of law," says John Edman, Director of the Minnesota Office of Tourism.
Chaudhary Law Office is also proud of its cross-disciplinary practice. "One of my favorite activities is to provide healthy business advice that makes a company immigration friendly. We pay close attention to our clients' overhead, because we experience the same overhead ourselves. But our primary ethos is to counsel for best practices that bring long-term Return On Investment," adds Chaudhary.

Going forward, with its enthusiastic and dedicated staff focused on providing ethical expertise to clients' Immigration issues, Chaudhary Law Office's Minnesota immigration attorneys forge an ever-changing immigration landscape-to the favor of its clients and the immigrant community as a whole.

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