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Immigration and Naturalization Firm Ready to Assist Global Investors
Shilpa Gupta
Tuesday, February 11, 2014
In the late '80s, Margaret W Wong, a U.S. immigrant from Hong Kong, established an immigration law firm, and it became renowned as one of the foremost in the nation. American companies found her style of innovatively winning cases refreshing-- her determination and love for people attracted companies and individuals from countries all over the world, including Europe, El Salvador, Ukraine, Indonesia, India, Romania, China and Ghana.
Within years of establishing her firm, foreign born seeking to come for the first time or to stay in the U.S., were hiring Wong to win their cases. The firm has helped families avoid deportation, persecuted foreign born win asylum, baseball stars and soccer coaches stay in the U.S., and corporate executives bring their families to the U.S.

Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, and with offices around the country, Margaret W. Wong & Associates works with immigrants from across the globe to obtain student visas, employment Green Cards, National Interest Waivers, and EB11, 12, and 13; family-based immigration documents for fiances, spouses and children; non-immigrant H, L, and E visas; and investor EB-5s.

In the early years of Wong's law practice, immigrants entered the U.S. legally, and immigration law guided them towards naturalization. However, more recently, illegal immigration brokers ferry people through the border unlawfully, and the law has adapted to seek expulsion of "criminal aliens." Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) uses the Criminal Alien Program (CAP) to deport undocumented foreign born. Wong's firm easily navigates the new landscape, working closely with courts and clients to find mutually agreeable solutions. Clients often seek Wong's assistance only after receiving a "final order." The firm specializes in reopening cases, and can often overturn the order.
Global Investors have noticed the firm's finesse. Margaret W. Wong says, "While every case is unique and important, we take special care with high-profile cases, including relatives of public figures, clients escaping war-torn regions, and even military and political leaders seeking to find a new home."
Business owners work hard to build their business portfolios overseas. They want to move to the U.S., but they know how intricate the EB-5 process is. Each views theirs as a high-profile case, and only wants the best immigration law firm to handle the delicate transaction.

Wong is excited about the new legal climate. "U.S. immigration law is now more complex than U.S. tax law. New immigration policy is imminent, and in the interim, we're working with clients who could be valuable assets to the U.S.," says Wong.

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