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November - 2008 - issue > Spotlight: IT Services
Tavant Towards greater client service
si Team
Monday, November 3, 2008
Founded in 2000, Santa Clara based Tavant Technologies has quickly grown to a company of over 1,100 professionals delivering global IT solutions and services. Tavant has built a strong foundation onf engineering excellence and process maturity that has allowed them to excel in providing enterprise- wide software applications with a particular focus on Warranty Management and Mortgage Lending. Since inception, Tavant hasis focused on Business Process Automation and Web- Technology- based complex application development with specialization in applying rules, optimization, workflow and imaging technologies that have y with Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) at theirits core. Tavant accelerates the development of custom software through modular, configurable and SOA-based solution platforms, resulting in quick delivery of reliable custom applications. Tavant also offers a complete range of IT services, and partners with its clients in the ongoing maintenance and management of their systems.

The company’s model is different from those of the other technology solutions providers. So as to be utterly attentive to its client needs, As opposed to adding customers randomly, TTavant believes in working very closely and collaboratively with a select group of clients and not stretching itself thin over a large number of clients. It enters into having few clients and enter into long-term technology slong-term relationships with and provides strong onsite presence to its clients. olutions provider relationships. As these companies grow, Tavant’s the number, variety and complexity of solutions offerings to them also grow. In other words, Tavant quite literally invests in its client’s future and ties its own future with those of its clients. This model is well-exemplified by its relationships with offerings extend as is demonstrated by our association with large corporations such as Ilike Ingersoll Rand and AmeriQuest where it grew (and trimmed down) with them.

Tavant’s suite of products and services are routinely rated high by the industry and & media. They and are deployed by leading business names such as , like Electronic Arts, TiVo, MLB AM, New York Times, Ingersoll Rand, Bobcat, Federal Signal, Wolters Kluwer Financial Services. , and many more. Tavant is an ISO 27001 compliant and SEI-CMMI level 4 organizations.

Tavant Technologies witnessed a challengingtough time last year, loosing a major chunk of its business due to the troubled mortgage industry in the US. Despite the serious facing a business crisis, the management came up with new strategy and initiatives to motivate and boost the confidence of employees who were expectedly uncertain about their future. “Today we have redefined our goals and our people are excited about the growth opportunities and challenges”, explains Sarvesh Mahesh, CEO.

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