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November - 2008 - issue > Spotlight: OPD/ Engineering services
Rave Adapting for the web
si Team
Monday, November 3, 2008
Rave Technologies, pure play Software Product Engineering Services Provider company, has been successfully serving ISV’S for more than 15 years. It has worked with more than 50 different ISVs globally to help deliver more than 250 product releases.

With focus on product companies in the HR, Life Sciences, Financial Accounting / ERP and Business Intelligence verticals, Rave ensures that the product it delivers to its clients are of high performance (quick response times), scalable (handle high volumes of users and high throughput of data) and reliable (24x7 uptime).

While serving the enterprise and consumer software companies (ISV’s) has been Rave’s forte, of late it has been serving Web Software-As-a-Service (SaaS) providers as well. Says Anand Jhaveri, Founder, Chairman & CEO of Rave, “Earlier, most of the products we delivered used to be on the desktop or based on client service architecture. But now there’s a demand in the market for adopting a web-based model.”

Also, with the burgeoning of mobile phones, Rave has devoted a considerable amount of its energies into building/ migrating products onto the mobile platform. “We also develop standalone products for Blackberry, iPhone and Google Android,” says Jhaveri.

Usability engineering, or studying the requirements and use pattern of a client, forms one of the key differentiators for the company. Among others differentiators is its testing regime; products have to be tested for over 50 different countries and languages, to ensure that they run properly in varying conditions.

Rave rapidly delivers working software using Agile methods or the more traditional Waterfall and Iterative methods. Rave’s project managers and process owners are trained in these methods and apply them appropriately and in consultation with our clients. Also, with governments mandating business ventures make their products accessible to differently-abled people, Rave is concentrating on bringing the web experience for all kinds of users at par.

And despite the present financial crisis, Jhaveri says, customers are not really cutting down on their R&D programmes. “But we are exercising some caution for the long run,” he signs off.

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