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Connectiva Connecting the gaps in telecom
si Team
Monday, November 3, 2008
“Revenue and risk management is a growing need of communication service providers worldwide,” said Avi Basu, CEO of Connectiva Systems. Telecom companies lose billions of dollars annually due to revenue leakage and other risk factors. Connectiva plays a central role in helping recover this revenue. The company specialises in providing solution to telecom companies that hope to plug leakage.

Connectiva Systems, is a leading provider of revenue and risk management solutions for the telecommunications industry. Connectiva’s award-winning flagship ONEREViEW™ platform provides a complete set of building blocks needed for enterprise revenue and risk management systems. The platform integrates revenue assurance, fraud management, credit risk management, test-call generation, re-billing, and re-rating into one comprehensive enterprise revenue and risk management system. Connectiva leverages the US and India to combine superior product development with world-class R&D. The long term vision and the track record of solid execution by the Connectiva team, along with its superior business model generated tremendous interest among the VC community.

Connectiva’s position as a stellar example of India’s evolving technology industry attracted investors to the company and led to the completion of a $17 million round of investment led by NEA - IndoUS Ventures; IFC, a member of the World Bank Group; and SAP Ventures, a division of SAP AG. Returning investor Ovation Capital also participated in the round.

Operators who have partnered with Connectiva to add over $300M to their bottom line include Cable & Wireless, Bharti Airtel and the Zain Group.The addressable market for the company in the telecommunications industry is in excess of $2B. It also plans tol expand into other verticals as well, and this will only increase the size of the total addressable market.
Headquartered in New York, Connectiva has offices globally and employs over 300 people at its Global Innovation Center in Kolkata.

The company is well positioned to benefit from both growth and saturated markets as it positively impact the bottom line of telecom operators.
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