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Niksun Security @ Speed
si Team
Monday, November 3, 2008
In the 10 GB Ethernet world there will be multitude of services and application available to users. At the same time the rate of information flow will be much higher. NIKSUN CEO Dr.Parag Purthi firmly believes that software-based network security solutions that are designed for today’s networks will not be able to scale up and address the challenges of a 10 GB Ethernet world. “Software-based solutions will not be able to cope up with the high volume and large variety of information flowing on the network,” he argues.

This is where New Jersey-based NIKSUN comes to play. Its robust security solutions, spearheaded by the flagship NetDetector suite, provide the additional necessary depth to fill these gaps. So whether an attack is an external break-in, an internal theft and disclosure of sensitive data, or the latest worm, the continuous surveillance and powerful analysis of NIKSUN’s solutions ensure that the incident can be captured, traced, and remediated.

NIKSUN does this is by way of hybrid approach. Since there are new applications being deployed on the network and the nature of the applications change frequently, we need a hardware-software expertise and a systems-based approach to solve many of the network monitoring, security, surveillance and forensics needs of tomorrow,” says Pruthi.

NIKSUN’s flagship suite NetDetector is a combination of hardware and software that work together to combat threats. It provides the users a capability to customize the hardware. One can load different patterns, different actions, program the algorithm for a new environment, and write new exceptions and rules. The hardware is flexible enough to run the software at a very high rate. “This is indeed a cost effective solution and can be deployed at different locations within the network,” notes Pruthi.

With over 600 customers having signed up since the company’s start in 1997, NIKSUN is already seeing success. High level thinking coupled with its fundamental architecture and design is what makes NIKSUN’s solution truly a revolutionary one in the industry.

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