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November - 2008 - issue > Spotlight: OPD/ Engineering services
QuEST A quest to success
si Team
Monday, November 3, 2008
With a turn over of more than $ 50 million last year and prestigious Fortune 200 clients such as GE, Pratt & Whitney, Rolls Royce and EADS, QuEST has emerged as a leading provider of outsourced engineering services and manufacturing. The company offers high end engineering solutions for advanced technology products for customers in the aerospace, power generation, oil & gas, civil structures, industrial products, and transportation verticals, to cut product development costs, shorten lead times, extend capacity and maximize engineering resources availability by providing support across the complete product life cycle from design and modelling through analysis, prototyping, automation, data documentation, instrumentation and controls, embedded systems development, manufacturing support, vendor management, and in-house precision machining.

QuEST was formed in February 1997. Ajit Prabhu, co-founder and CEO, convinced GE Corporate Research and bagged QuEST's first order worth $20,000. During February 1998, two GE Corporate Research gas turbines failed in Singapore. QuEST shouldered the responsibility of pinpointing the root cause of the failure and helped fix the problem. This was QuEST’s first major project, valued at $750,000; it was successfully completed in six months. In May 1998, the company set up their first offshore delivery centre in Bangalore. In March 1999, the company acquired Lexel Engineering and announced its entry into the automotive industry. Recently QuEST has been recognized as a quality supplier to the aerospace industry through the AS 9100 certification received for both engineering services and manufacturing practices, as well as the selection by EADS as a preferred engineering services supplier.

Through the Global Product Development framework and the on-site/off-shore/on-shore models, the company leverage their local presence and global reach to support globalization initiatives for our customers. QuEST employs over 1500 people and has delivery centers in India, USA, Italy and Japan, and has a presence in UK, Germany, France, Spain and China.

Looking at its present success it is tempting to conclude that QuEST had it easy but that is far from the truth. Aravind Melligeri (co-founder and Chairman) and Ajit Prabhu who founded the company had the insight to envision the four fold growth awaiting the aerospace and oil and gas industry a decade back. They started the quest much early and succeeded quite early as well.
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