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Jayakishore Bayadi
Tuesday, April 13, 2010
A Gartner study says that India mobile subscriber base is set to exceed 737 million connections by 2012. With such a huge growth, Wireless technology today has tremendous potential as a medium. And the developments are increasing the expectations of the users on the facilities available from the mobile devices. Captivatingly, NetXcell, a Hyderabad based application service provider for the telecom domain, is betting on the VAS market since its inception in 2000. “And today we are growing 100 percent annually, fulfilling consumer requirements,” says Debasis Chatterji, CEO, NetXcell. And interestingly, though issue of revenue sharing between VAS providers and service providers still is a tricky issue, NetXcell believes that growing mobile subscriber base will compensate this.

Today, NetXcell, with collaborative alliance with top content providers, aggregators, classifies and delivers quality content, on consumer’s mobile device through the cellular operator. Broadly, NetXcell offers the technology solutions that are already being used by several cellular service providers and content providers in India and abroad. Apart from this, the company is a content aggregator for many cellular service providers in India.This ISO 9001 certified corporation claims it is one of India’s first mobile application service providers.

Hyderabad based company offers products in categories of VAS Enablers, VAS applications, Content Delivery platform, Message and Synchronization. It has other office in Dallas, Texas, U.S.(Sales).


Since last three years the company is developing several VAS applications/IPs with unique technological ‘niche’ attached to each of their products. Today it has over 15-patented products on its kitty. Apart from this, in today's world, applications must provide flexibility for the rapid adaptation of new and enhanced services and ever changing network standards by maximizing the efficiency and minimizing costs. And NetXcell’s unique SS7 platform addresses these challenges, and sets a foundation to meet the growing demands for applications in converged SS7 and IP signaling networks. It delivers several unprecedented advantages in application development software and enhances the design, development, testing and deployment of new applications. Also, the company provides advantages like Integration of the product with existing network infrastructure through experienced professionals, along with features like centralized GUI for monitoring and billing support.

The Company generates revenue from its VAS applications on revenue sharing basis with the service providers. Also, it earns from selling license of its VAS related softwares (VAS enablers/applications/platforms).


CEO — Debasis Chatterji
Head, New Business Initiatives—Suresh T Kumar

Chatterji steers Netxcell business development, marketing, finance, compliances, IPR and other set of operations and helped Netxcell achieving strategic goals. He believes in hands on execution, leading by example and sense of ownership. Suresh, prior to joining NetXcell, was working as Business Head, mobile and broadband, Reliance ADAG. He is a consultant on Broadband and Wireless and an expert Council member of the Gerson Lehman Group - Telecommunication and Vista Research. He is also associated with Mobile Monday Organizers in India.

INVESTORS: Netxcell is promoted by Prathima Group of Industries based in Andhra Pradesh, India. Also, funded by Lee, a venture partner of Ignition Partners, Ruderman Capital.

HEADCOUNT: 100 plus

CUSTOMERS: Airtel, Idea, Vodaphone, Aircell, BSNL and other major service providers.
COMPETITORS: OnMobile, IMI, Bharthi Telesoft and other VAS companies.
WEBSITE: www.netxcell.com

Keep improving on the technology and also to increase the market beyond India

2000-Company founded
2005- Missed call alert service product expansion
2007-Bagged Idea order for SMS VAS.
2008-Ad Platform Ad Axis launched
2008-Hosted voice exchange, Mobismart launch

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