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November - 2010 - issue > Spotlight: IT Services
Stratogent Taking system Hosting and Operations to New Heights
SI Team
Monday, November 1, 2010
With the mission of providing 100 percent responsibility, 99.9 percent availability, 85 percent less management overhead, and 30 percent cost reduction; Stratogent stands out in the crowded IT services market space. When most service providers prefer to own responsibility for a silo of a system, Stratogent owns up to everything - no service gaps, no excuses! “Partial solutions don’t not solve a CIO’s problems”, says Chetan Patwardhan, CEO, Stratogent.

Stratogent is an IT hosting and operations company headquartered in San Mateo, California. Stratogent architects, integrates, deploys and operates mission-critical software applications – 24x7. Customers trust Stratogent with operating their systems – whether in their datacenter, Stratogent’s datacenters, or in the cloud.

The company differentiates its services by providing a blend of hosting and managed services, taking responsibility for all layers of an IT environment, and more important - information delivery across the globe. The company has grown organically, and two years ago expanded offshore with the establishment of an operations center in India.

Customers engage Stratogent when they implement a new system, or are virtualizing, consolidating or migrating an existing system. “We engage in a consultative mode, acting as the trusted extension of the office of the CIO”, says Patwardhan. The engagement typically ends in the customer outsourcing system operations to Stratogent. Both projects and ongoing operations are fixed-priced, so the customer gets both high SLAs and solid budget predictability.

The company manages the full gamut of enterprise applications, ranging from Enterprise IT apps to ERP apps to e-commerce sites to disaster recovery sites. Stratogent is currently present in the verticals such as Finance, Logistics, Hi-tech, and Green-tech; and is expanding into verticals such as Healthcare and Manufacturing.

Current marquee customers include Dun & Bradstreet (Finance), Pacer (Logistics), VMware and EMC (Hi-Tech) and Better Place (Green-tech). Founded by experienced executives from Visa and other venerable Silicon Valley companies in 2001, Stratogent is the leading Bay area provider of mission-critical system operations.
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