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November - 2010 - issue > Spotlight: Networking
Aryaka Revolutionizing the WAN Optimization Space
SI Team
Monday, November 1, 2010
A serial entrepreneur who has experience running enterprises, Ajit Gupta was quick to realize the pain points of enterprises when it comes to a need for private, secure, data transfer between distributed locations. The application acceleration and WAN optimization technology which was an appliance based solution had problems relating to cost, complexity and manageability. He founded Aryaka in 2008 with this vision to resolve application and network performance issues faced by distributed enterprises. Aryaka applies a revolutionary SaaS model to application acceleration and WAN optimization offering significant reduce in cost, ease of use and performance advantages.

Instead of traditional approaches, which use either a WAN Optimization Controller (WOC) or implement it as a managed service, Aryaka is designed for cloud-based Application Acceleration and WAN Optimization and offers customers cost effective, scalable, and reliable connectivity between enterprise locations. The software and technology used in the Aryaka Network is proprietary, built from the ground up, and patent pending.

Aryaka’s uniqueness lies in the fact that its network operates with the advantages of a private cloud combined with the economics of a public cloud, thereby offering enterprises the unprecedented ability to overcome the inherent challenges of appliance-based solutions. Enterprises looking to leverage the cloud now have access to the key enabler – the network – in addition to computing and storage resources. Aryaka gives enterprises, for the first time, a high-performance, highly-available and scalable, application-aware network whenever and wherever they do business.

The company has raised $14 million, including Series A funding from Trinity Ventures, Mohr Davidow Ventures, Nexus Venture Partners and Stanford University. “According to statistics, there are eight million office branches waiting to be optimized and the current solutions reach hardly five percent of the market size”, says Gupta. Gupta and team are all set to democratize and revolutionize the space with their disruptive technology which could be easily affordable.
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