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November - 2010 - issue > Spotlight: Internet
Corp-Corp.com Matching the Job and Candidate in 30 seconds
SI Team
Monday, November 1, 2010
The Virginia headquartered technology firm Corp-Corp.com, founded in 2007, has helped several thousands of candidates to land in a job during the worst economic conditions in the history. Their disruptive unique FETCH technology connects the job seekers with the right recruiters in less than 30 seconds. Employer as well as candidates need not to search for a candidate or a job, the system does it automatically like a virtual assistant. If an employer is looking for a candidate, they can post their requirement, and the system will search, analyze, shortlist and notify the top 10 best matched candidates in 30 seconds, thus completely eliminating the search process on the employers as well as the job seekers side. “ Our system can save over 30 percent of recruiting time every day and that is the need in the present day market,” says Prabakaran Murugaiah the CEO of Corp-Corp.

According to Murugaiah, “If the right people are reached and utilized, minimizing candidates’ time on the bench, the productivity of the IT workforce can be increased by as much as 20 percent. Besides, when client needs are fulfilled, unproductive time between projects is cut short, improving the bottom-line of the company.” He gives an illustration to clarify, if a company with an employee base of 50 can increase its productivity by 10 percent; it results in an increase of at least $500,000 in its revenue in a year. Corp-Corp.com has also successfully hosted over 20 conferences for IT consulting companies across U.S. to empower small business owners.

By successfully integrating companies for sharing the available resources on contingency basis, today Corp-Corp.com’s client list comprises of over 6,000 companies registered with them, while the website gets over 30,000 new contract jobs every month. Even in the midst of the economic downturn the company managed to register significant growth every quarter. Murugaiah attributes the company’s success to the innovative technology which delivers results, happy customers, experienced team of employees and the customer-oriented outlook of the organization. Corp-Corp.com has pitched a plan for increasing its global presence in the coming years.
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