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November - 2012 - issue > Top 5 Semiconductor Companies
SmartPlay Investing Strategically to Provide Value in Emerging Technologies
si Team
Friday, November 2, 2012
Founded in 2008, the Company, under its CEO Pradeep Vajram has rapidly grown from 60 to 750+ employees. SmartPlay has design centers in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Greater Noida, San Jose, San Diego and Austin. SmartPlay recently expanded into the European region with their first office in London.

Company has emerged as the second largest design services company in India with specialization in Digital, Analog, Wireless Software and System Design.

SmartPlay offers their expertise in advanced technology nodes including 22nm, 28nm, 45nm and 65nm, and has domain expertise in wireless, networking, processors, and connectivity. With Analog presence increasing in a typical SoC design, SmartPlay ‘s Analog expertise is in high speed circuits (SerDes), power management circuits (linear and switching regulators), clocking circuits (PLL) and in digital libraries for standard cells, IOs and memories.

Development of portable, flexible, scalable and maintainable software is critical to sustained market leadership. Expertise in technology, platforms, tools and methodologies are essential to develop and deliver software in a timely and predictable manner. SmartPlay has expertise in developing wireless & networking software and applications for products used in the areas of mobility.

The organization believes that its key differentiator is the employees who are highly motivated, well trained, experienced, and team-oriented professionals. The employees take pride and joy from working with the firm.

With its long success story, SmartPlay has become the preferred design services partner for large, mid-sized semiconductor and system companies. The company strives to lay a strong emphasis on quality, productivity and maintain the highest level of work ethics. “In order to maintain our position as a leading Global Design Services company, we strive for continuous improvement. We believe in investing in the most talented engineers, and provide focused development in tools and techniques tha

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