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Leeyo Software Automating Revenue Recognition
SI Team
Friday, November 2, 2012
Leeyo’s next-generation revenue recognition software rescues companies and revenue teams from the chaos of today’s manual data entry or customized processes. Leeyo’s RevPro – the most complete revenue recognition software suite on the market – automates and manages every process facing a revenue team – seamlessly integrating with the quote-to-cash processes of any ERP system to deliver unparalleled visibility, functionality and configurability to the revenue recognition and reporting process.

RevPro’s modular design enables companies to tailor their deployment based on specific needs, timing requirements, and overall business readiness. Finance and accounting executives recognize the robust capabilities in RevPro when they see features that include fair value and relative price analysis, arrangement linking, revenue allocation, deferred revenue and COGS management, contingency and event release configuration, revenue forecasting, review and approval and business analytics.

Leeyo was co-founded by Jagan Reddy, a seasoned IT professional who identified significant shortcomings in the revenue recognition capabilities of ERP systems. Jagan recognized the need to disrupt the status quo – one in which the Finance side of the business did all their work in Excel rather than within a powerful ERP system while the rest of the business utilized that ERP system. By building an application suite that automated all revenue recognition processes, the company challenged the industry. In response, top-tier companies are now adopting RevPro.

The company has been financed since inception by the founders and through sales. Leeyo’s unique market opportunity has enabled Jagan to attract a range of highly talented team of individuals, resulting in a nimble and agile company that has continually enhanced and improved the product offering. In addition to their Santa Clara headquarters, Leeyo has established a development and support organization that supplements the U.S.-based development and professional services teams. As of this writing, Leeyo has in excess of 80 full-time employees.
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