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November - 2012 - issue > Top 10 Internet companies
Woxi Media Revolutionary Concept to Bridge the World Internet Divide
si Team
Friday, November 2, 2012
Woxi Media is initially focused on the Internet opportunity in developing countries, like India, where cheap Internet enabled mobile phones are driving up the number of Internet users, however data consumption and monetization are still extremely low even on “smarter” devices. Enabling a browser or putting an App Store just does not drive the consumption – users don’t discover and benefit from massive troves of content and services available on the Internet, and content/service creators do not make money.

Woxi Media was started in Sunnyvale, CA in 2010 with a sharp focus on developing products and software platform that significantly increase Internet consumption and monetization by enabling users to discover content and services in a radically simple way.

Woxi’s first product is a SmartPod – an Android based connected-TV solution – powered by the cloud-based AppCasts service. This is a one-in-all digital hub for homes for Gaming, Videos, Music, Infotainment and more, that redefines the living room entertainment experience in countries like India. Woxi’s unique patent-pending AppCasts software platform finds and delivers the latest global and regional video centric content from the cloud to the SmartPod. This analytics driven service builds 1:1 personalization for each user, making it amazingly simple for them to discover and consume content to match their lifestyles, and enables premium e-commerce partners to plug-in relevant services and steer consumption.

The company’s top clients includes Aircel, Middle-East carriers, Retail and E-commerce partners like Croma and SnapDeal, and Media houses like the Times of India group. “Backed by the massive momentum behind the Wireless Internet in Emerging Markets and the huge pressure on service providers to drive more consumption of those services for faster monetization, Woxi emerged as a key player in the market with this regard,” says Amit Gattani, Co-founder, President & CPO, Woxi Media.

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