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KiwiTech Think Global Act Mobile
SI Team
Friday, November 2, 2012
KiwiTech was founded in January 2009, exclusively as a mobile app services and product company. They are an early entrant in mobile, starting over an year before the iPad was launched.

The team has built over 750 mobile apps, generating over three million downloads, winning international awards, and garnering recognition in Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, and Publisher’s Weekly. The founders’ background in digital content technology, and track record of scaling their previous firm to currently almost 6,000 employees, are differentiators. Today, enterprises want to engage with a reliable and scalable mobile partner, as they implement their mobile strategy.

This east coast company started with mobile apps for media, and pioneered the mobilization of digital content on smartphones. They have expanded heavily into other industries, including pharmaceuticals, BFSI, FMCG, retail, airlines, and technology. KiwiTech’s experience enables them to consult with clients on the best mobile strategy for their business.
For instance, the company’s mobile sale automation platform “KiwiSales” is customizable for each enterprise, This product pulls in data from a client’s back-end ERP and CRM systems to populate the app. This increases the effectiveness of their sales team by consolidating the relevant data on their iPad, and releasing them from recording their sales activity, due to the mobile tablet front-end and on-the-fly sales process.

“Our connection with a potential client at an earlier, more strategic stage of their mobile thought process is proving to be of great benefit. We are helping people across industries create the mobile solutions that will work best for their company – helping them increase productivity and foster brand awareness” says Rakesh Gupta, CEO, KiwiTech.

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