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November - 2012 - issue > Top 20 Enterprise Software Companies
Nexant Pioneering Sustainable Energy Solutions
SI Team
Thursday, November 8, 2012
Nexant is a premier provider of next-generation intelligent grid software and clean energy solutions to clients including Fortune 500 companies, transmission and distribution system operators, petroleum and chemical majors, financial institutions, government agencies, and development banks. Since its inception, Nexant has completed more than 3,000 client assignments in over a hundred countries.

Its software applications and platforms are used in over 120 utility control centers worldwide. In 2011 and 2012, the Cleantech Group named Nexant one of the top cleantech companies in the world.

For the last decade, Nexant has been developing and commercializing technology solutions—such as iEnergy, GRID360, iHEDGE, and RevenueManagerT—that address critical power industry challenges and improve the reliability of the electric power grid.

"Nexant continues to develop and refine a full range of industry-leading energy software solutions and has achieved a global reputation as a front-ranking provider of best-in-class energy solutions and services," says Basem Sarandah, CEO, Nexant.

Nexant is a national leader in the innovative design, implementation, and evaluation of many of the largest U.S. commercial, industrial, and residential energy efficiency incentive programs. It also provides advisory services for developing and commercializing clean and renewable energy technologies and supplying technical, operational, and strategic consulting to petroleum and chemical majors, energy resource companies, technology owners, governments, and investors.

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