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Radiant Systems Delivering Success by Leveraging Relationships and Building Partnerships
SI Team
Friday, November 1, 2013
The IT industry is always in a state of constant evolution. The grunt of this is felt by the IT vendors who need to differentiate themselves and come up with new strategies to attract customers. Whilst it is difficult to attract them, the real challenge is to come up with solutions to retain these clients in an industry flooded with competitors. In the US, there is no scarcity of firms trying their luck to confront this issue; but it takes a lot more than luck to overcome this test; a testament to the above statement is the story of Radiant group which offers end to end IT and enabled services to various industries.

Founded in 1995 by Venu Myneni the CEO, and Vinod Koduru, COO, the Radiant Group has been consistently delivering success since its inception. The group has two different companies in the US alone, namely RADGOV and Radiant Systems Inc. Through these two concerns the group has become a preferred vendor for more than 25 state governments in the US as well as many Fortune 500 companies.

RADGOV, headed by Jyothi Myneni and Deepa Koduru, primarily focuses on local and federal governments in the US and offers e-Business solutions, data management, e-Governance solutions, application software development, telecommunications, embedded systems, IT consulting and other solutions to the government and private sector.

It has won the hearts of more than 25 state governments in the US. The reason for the same is that it combines years of experience building and leveraging relationships, and building partnerships in the Government Sector, providing intellectual capital, and proven methodologies, through the company's business model. "We leverage RADGOV's global capabilities to support our public sector and government clients through dedicated, organized and client-focused teams." says Myneni.
The other wing of Radiant Group is Radiant systems Inc. which provides a broad range of solutions, services and products to the telecom, pharma and life sciences, transportation, E-Governance, financial and insurance, IT, manufacturing, retail, utilities and other verticals.

The crucial differentor that sets this company apart from the rest of the competition is the fact that it has been focussing on working with direct clients. This has helped them to win the trust of many of the big names in various industries such as T-Mobile, Pfizer, HP, Ford, Nissan, JP Morgan, Guardian and many more.
Right from the client/server technologies to ERP tools to mobile solutions to e-commerce, Radiant provided the best and latest technologies and solutions to its clients.

Today, Radiant is in the forefront in providing Big Data and Cloud computing solutions to its clients. The company which has already left its footprint in India and the UK is going through a major expansion in Europe and is restructuring its operations in the US.

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